Ylia Bellotto: Exploring the Life of Miguel Varoni’s Sister



Ylia Bellotto is a significant figure in the world of Colombian entertainment. As the sister of renowned host, actor, and director Miguel Varoni, Ylia has been associated with the industry through her family connections. This article delves into the life of Ylia Bellotto, shedding light on her background, family relationships, and the legacy she carries. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the fascinating details surrounding Ylia Bellotto.

Early Life and Family Background

Ylia Bellotto was born in Argentina to a multicultural family. Her father, Americo Bellotto, hails from Argentina with Italian roots, while her mother, Teresa Gutiérrez, is of Colombian descent. Teresa Gutiérrez, known for her acting prowess, garnered recognition for her roles in several popular TV series.

Siblings and Extended Family

While Ylia Bellotto is most prominently associated with her brother Miguel Varoni, she is not the only sibling in the family. Ylia shares her lineage with actress María Margarita Giraldo and Luis Alberto Granados, adding to the family’s creative and artistic flair. Moreover, Ylia and Miguel Varoni are part of a larger family tree that includes their grandparents, Carlos Gutierrez Riaño being one of them.

Ylia Bellotto: A Mother’s Love

Ylia Bellotto embraced motherhood and has been blessed with children who have made their mark in the Colombian entertainment industry. Her daughter, Majida Issa, stands as a shining example of talent and success. Majida, born on June 27, 1981, in San Andrés, Colombia, has followed in her family’s footsteps, becoming an accomplished actress and singer.

Majida Issa: A Rising Star

Majida Issa, Ylia Bellotto’s daughter, has captured the hearts of audiences with her undeniable talent. Majida’s mixed Italian and Lebanese heritage has added depth to her performances, allowing her to connect with diverse cultures. The actress made her presence felt through notable roles in television series such as “El cartel,” “Amor sincero,” and “Sin senos sí hay paraíso.” However, it was her portrayal of Yésica Beltrán, famously known as La Diabla, in Telemundo’s telenovela “Sin senos sí hay paraíso” (2016–2018) that propelled her to widespread recognition.

Majida Issa’s Journey and Achievements

Majida Issa’s talent extends beyond the small screen. She has garnered a substantial online following, with over 4.5 million followers on Instagram alone. Through her social media presence, Majida shares glimpses of her work, personal life, and expresses gratitude for her supportive fanbase. Majida’s devotion to her craft led her to pursue acting studies at the prestigious Escuela Nacional de Arte Teatral in Mexico, further enhancing her skills and expanding her artistic horizons.

Ylia Bellotto’s Enduring Love for Her Mother

Ylia Bellotto’s deep love and admiration for her late mother, Teresa Gutiérrez, remain evident to this day. In heartfelt posts on social media, Ylia has expressed her profound appreciation for her mother’s strength, resilience, and unwavering support. Ylia holds her mother’s memory dear and cherishes the invaluable life lessons she learned from her.

Remembering Teresa Gutiérrez

Teresa Gutiérrez, born on October 25, 1928, in Bogotá, Colombia, left an indelible impact on the Colombian entertainment industry. Her extensive body of work in various TV series, including “Seguro y urgente,” “Te voy a enseñar a querer,” “Los Victorinos,” and “Como Pedro por su casa,” showcased her exceptional acting abilities. Despite Teresa’s passing in 2010, her influence continues to resonate within the hearts of her loved ones and fans, as they cherish the memories and contributions she made throughout her life.


Ylia Bellotto’s role as the sister of Miguel Varoni and the daughter of Teresa Gutiérrez has solidified her presence within the Colombian entertainment landscape. Through her motherhood and the success of her daughter Majida Issa, Ylia’s legacy continues to thrive. The impact of her family’s artistic talents resonates across generations, leaving an enduring mark on the industry. As Ylia carries the torch of her family’s creative heritage, her contributions and connections remain integral to the realm of Colombian entertainment.