Fred Savage Children: Introducing Lily Savage, Auggie Savage, and Oliver Savage

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Fred Savage, the renowned American actor and director, has garnered fame through his exceptional performances, most notably as Kevin Arnold in the popular American television series The Wonder Years. With an illustrious career that spans numerous movies and roles, Fred Savage has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Background

Born on July 9, 1976, in Chicago, Illinois, United States, Fred Savage was welcomed into the world by his parents, Lewis Savage and Joanne Savage. Alongside his siblings, Ben Savage and Kala Savage, Fred Savage grew up surrounded by a supportive and creative family environment.

Family Life

Building a beautiful family of his own, Fred Savage cherishes his role as a loving husband and a doting father. In this article, we delve into the lives of Fred Savage’s children, providing you with insights into their journey.

Meet Lily Savage, Auggie Savage, and Oliver Savage

Fred Savage’s children, namely Lily Savage, Auggie Savage, and Oliver Savage, hold a special place in his heart. These three individuals are his biological children and the source of immense joy and pride in his life.

Lily Savage

Lily Savage, one of Fred Savage’s children, displays remarkable promise despite her young age. While details about Lily’s life are limited, her talents and interests are bound to unfold as she grows older. As a dedicated student, Lily is actively pursuing her education while exploring her passions.

Auggie Savage

Another integral member of the Savage family is Auggie Savage, Fred Savage’s son. Auggie embodies the vibrant spirit and curiosity of youth. Currently attending school, Auggie is inquisitive by nature, always seeking knowledge and new experiences. As he continues his journey, Auggie’s potential shines brightly, and his unique talents are poised to captivate those around him.

Oliver Savage

Completing the trio of Fred Savage’s children is Oliver Savage. A charismatic and promising young individual, Oliver exudes charm and charisma. While information about Oliver remains limited, his magnetic personality and inherited talents hint at a future filled with possibilities.


In conclusion, Fred Savage, the celebrated actor and director, has not only made a mark in the entertainment industry but has also cultivated a fulfilling family life. Lily Savage, Auggie Savage, and Oliver Savage represent the embodiment of Fred Savage’s love and dedication as a father. While their personal journeys are just beginning, these young individuals possess immense potential that is sure to shape their futures. As the world eagerly awaits their next steps, Fred Savage’s children continue to thrive, carrying on the legacy of their talented and accomplished father.