All You Need to Know About Rodney Atkins’ Ex-Wife: Tammy Jo McDonald


Most netizens know Tammy Jo McDonald as the ex-wife of Rodney Atkins, an American country music singer and songwriter. Tammy shared one child named Elijah Atkins with Rodney Atkins before their divorce.

Personal Life and Career

Tammy Jo McDonald married Atkins on April 26, 1998; they were deeply in love and could often show up at events together. Their love for each other grew more when they were blessed with a son, Elijah, in September 2001. Unfortunately, things started turning sour for the two lovebirds; they had fought in their marriage due to Rodney coming home drunk.

One day Rodney came home drunk, beating Tammy and trying to kill her using a pillow. Elijah, who was ten, watched as his father assaulted his mother. Tammy called the police on Atkins, and he was arrested for domestic assault. He was released after paying bail, and afterward, he filed for divorce. Their divorce was finalized in 2012, and they agreed to share custody of their son.

Tammy was previously married before meeting Rodney Atkins, and in her first marriage, she had two beautiful daughters named Morgan and Lindsay. However, not much has been made public about the two.

Talking of her career, Tammy Jo McDonald notes on her Facebook page that she is a real estate agent. She sometimes posts some of the buildings they have constructed and have been able to sell. Given the nature of her work, she can support her family.

Life After Divorcing Atkins

Tammy Jo McDonald has not revealed if she remarried after divorcing Atkins, but she is happy in whatever life she is living. On the other hand, her ex-husband married a year after divorcing Tammy; he married Rose Falcon, an American singer, and they were blessed with two sons, Ryder and Scout, born in 2017 and 2019, respectively. Tammy’s son Elijah Atkins spends time with his father and stepmother and seems to have a great bond with them.

Her Ex-Husband

Tammy Jo’s ex-husband started her music career in 1996 when he signed a contract with Curb Records. His first single, In a Heartbeat, peaked at number 74 on Hot Country Songs Chart for a week. Atkins released his first album, Honesty, in 2003, with Sing Along as one of the feature songs. Tammy’s ex-husband’s other albums include It’s America If You’re Going Through Hell and Take a Back Road.

Some Atkins’ singles that have done well include Caught Up in the Country, These Are My People, Cleaning This Gun, Watching You, If You’re Going Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows), and Honesty, among others.

Tammy’s ex-husband is still active in the music industry and will release more hit country songs in the future.

Social Media

Tammy Jo McDonald is active on Facebook, where she has  5.8k followers. She mostly posts pictures of her family and some related to her work. No accounts affiliated with Tammy have been found on Instagram or Facebook. On the other hand, Rodney Atkins is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and has a huge following.