Who is Maureen Ann McNulty

Maureen Ann McNulty

Maureen Ann McNulty is the celebrity daughter of the retired actress Ann Blyth. Ann Blyth began acting when she was five years old and had many years in the acting industry, and she grew famous.

Maureen Ann was one of five children born by the retired actress and the late Dr. McNulty. Unfortunately, the children of Ann Blyth have not enjoyed fame on the screens like their mother.

Maureen Ann McNulty Short Bio

Maureen was born on December 14, 1955, as one of the children of the retired American actress Ann Blyth. Maureen had siblings like Timothy, Terence, Kathleen, and Eileen, who were born by her parents.

Ann Blyth was a celebrity, but her children, including Maureen’s details, have never been shared with the public. The careers that Maureen and her siblings took never made them famous.

During Ann Blyth’s husband’s death, he was survived by several grandchildren. There is a high likelihood that Maureen got married and gave birth to many children, but no records support the data.

Maureen Ann McNulty’s Father

Maureen’s father was born in New York City, and he was a recognized doctor. His relationship with ann Blyth made him a celebrity husband, but he was also a doctor and recognized by many for his excellent services.

Maureen’s father helped many women give birth to babies in hospitals. He died on May 13, 2007 in Jolla, California, at 89, during Mother’s Day, and many people he cared for would not help but praise his excellent services.

Maureen’s father went to Manhattan College in New York City, receiving a bachelor of science degree. He received his first degree in 1940, then received a Medicine degree in 1943. McNulty was an intern at the US Naval Hospital and began military service as a doctor from 1941 to 1949.

He became a surgeon, and due to his skills, he traveled to many countries servicing the military. He received several awards and medals for serving in China, the USA, and the World War II victory medal.

When World War II ended, Maureen’s father returned to California and specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the U.S Naval Hospital in Long Beach. He was chosen to be a member of a Governor’s Advisory committee and many other academic representatives where he offered his services.

Maureen’s father was devoted to his career, family, and community, and he ensured he gave it all in offering his services.

Maureen’s Mother

Anne Marie Blythe born in 1928, is a retired American actress and singer who came into the limelight for her career. She is among the surviving actresses and star from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Maureen’s mother was active in acting from 1933 to 1985, and in those years, she was featured in several films and television shows. Ann started acting at age five, and it helped her grow her talent.

She married Dr. James McNulty in 1953 and had her fellow actresses as her maidens. When they started a family, she took a break to care for her five children, but later returned to acting.