Yeshua Bonadio- Get to Know Him


Yeshua Bonadio is the son of Sinead O’Connor, an Irish singer and songwriter. She is the youngest child in the family, and he was born in 2006. He looks like his mom, and people commented on how he looks like Sinead. His father is Frank Bonadio, and he has three older half-siblings, Jake, Roisin, and Shane, who died in January 2022, two days after he was reported missing.


On his education, Yeshua is probably in high school, but the details surrounding his education have not been revealed by his parents.

Her Mother

Yeshua’s mother was still in high school when she started her music career. Together with Colm Farrelly and some members, they formed a band called Ton Ton Macoute. She was still in Newtown School when the band moved to a different town; she dropped out of school and followed the band to Dublin, where the audience positively received their performances.

Sinead O’Connor was the singer of the Ton Ton Macoute band, and for her performances was noticed by several record labels and was later signed by Ensign Records. After signing with the record label, she worked with the Edge on Heroine, a soundtrack of the film Captive.

Yeshua Bonadio’s mother released her first album, The Lion and the Cobra, in 1987; it was well received and earned her a Best Female Rock Vocal Performance Grammy nomination. Mandinka, a song in the album, was a success in the United States. Sinead’s second album, I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got, gained positive reviews and was rated as the second-best album of the year 1990.

Over the years, Yeshua BOnadio’s mother has collaborated with several artists and has worked with several bands.

Yeshua’s Mother’s Personal Life and Health

Sinead O’Connor has had her fair share of marriages and relationships. She has been married four times; first, she married John Reynolds, a music producer, and they had one child before divorcing. Each of Yeshua’s mother’s children has a different father. Her second child, Roisin’s father, is John Waters. She had a romantic relationship with Nick Sommerland before having her third child with Donal Lunny.

Sinead then had Yeshua with Frank Donadio. Her third marriage was to Steve Cooney in 2010, but they divorced after a few months together. Yeshua’s mother then married Barry Herridge in December 2011.

Yeshua’s mother has mental health issues. She was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and complex post-traumatic stress disorder, among other issues. She also tried to kill herself, not just once.

Social Media

Yeshua Bonadio is not active on any of the social media platforms. His mother has also tried as much as she can to keep her son off the public eye. Even though Yeshua is not on social media, his mother is; on Instagram, she has over 43k followers but has not posted since 2016.

On Twitter, Sinead has over 72k followers. She joined in May 2014 and has tweeted 137 times, with her last post being a video of her performing. Yeshua’s mother is also active on Facebook and has over 150k followers.

You can find Yeshua’s mother’s music on her official YouTube channel, which has 912k followers.