Lewis Tipton Stringer Huntley, Family and Works

Lewis Tipton Stringer Huntley

Lewis Tipton Stringer Huntley popularly known as “Tippy” was an American TV reporter. She was one of the pioneer female anchors in the industry. Also, she was famous because of her second marriage to Hollywood celebrity actor William Conard Jr. We will have an in-depth analysis of this pioneer celebrity in this celeb article. Without further ado let’s keep things going.

Personal Information

Tippy was born in Illinois, the USA on 15th July 1930. Her parents were Arthur Campbell and Lewis Frances Stringer. Her name was borrowed from her maternal grandma Sarah Lewis Tipton. In 1953 Tippy joined WRC TV and started hosting cookery, and homemaking series on the channel. She also hosted weather forecasts and is widely known as Weather Girl. She used to host two different weather shows back-to-back.

She was also the first lady to use a wireless mic for news presentations. She was popular amongst the business communities in Washington and was called for several promotions and shows. She was further recognized because of a cartoon sketch she drew of Senator Fairweather in Life Magazine in 1955.

Marital Information

Tippy initially married Chet Huntley. They met in 1957 during the popular TV program Huntley-Brinkley on NBC. They had a virtual relationship for several months via satellite phones. However, in 1959 both got married. Chet was one of the successful news broadcasters. He retired in 1970 and Tippy also left her job to settle down with her husband in Montana. Later the couple opened a resort in Bozeman. After the death of Huntley in 1974, Tippy became a lecturer for a widow. She also ran for Republican Congressional from Montana.

Later in 1980 Tippy met famous actor William Conard. Conard was associated with TV for several years. In the same year, both got married and lived together till the death of William in 1994.

Nevertheless, Conard was married two times before this marriage. From 1943 to 1957 with June Nelson and from 1957 to 1979 with Susan Randall. June had divorced William and Susan died. From 1943 to 1945 he served in the United States Army Air Forces.

Personality and other Works

Tippy was a gorgeous-looking lady with charm and grace. She was sophisticated and professional. She was a multi-talented, intelligent, and high-spirited human being. Tippy was punctual, hardworking, and versatile. She didn’t cage herself in the newsroom and worked beyond. She founded Stringer Foundation in 1995. Also established a women’s shelter for needy women.

Furthermore, she took active participation in animal rights and protection groups. She was the flag bearer of productive and reproductive education. Tippy died in Beverly Hills, California in 2010 on 1st October. She died at the age of 80. She is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills, LA, CA, USA. She was buried along with Conard.

Tippy was an institution in herself. She saw two centuries and the dawn of the new millennium. She was a great soul; may she rest in peace.