Frank Szatkuz, Personal Info and Net Worth

Frank Szatkuz

Frank Szatkuz was a celebrity husband of Mae West. Mae West was an American film actress, singer, dancer, and sex icon of her time. Frank was also a comedian and well-known vaudeville artist. Vaudeville is nothing but comic satire without any moral or psychological intent. It is a purely situational comedy. That being discussed, let’s find out more about this interesting artist Frank in this celebrity article.

Personal Information

Frank is a mysterious man. There is very little evidence of his birth and parents. Also, his last name Szatkuz has no origin. He claimed to be born in New York to parents named Anthony J Szatkuz and Anna U Szatkuz. However, our detailed research found that according to data available to the authority, Frank is older than his so-called father. Furthermore, his father had two marriages and Anna, Frank’s mother, was his second wife.

Marital Information

The couple Frank and Mae were married in 1911. According to data available, Frank was 21 and Mae was 17 years old at the time of their marriage. In the 1930s Mae was the sex icon of the nation. She started her acting career when she was 5 and later started writing her acts. She acted in movies like “She Done Him Wrong”, and “Night After Night” to encash her sex icon.

The couple stayed together for 20 long years from 1911 to 1942. However, Mae kept her marriage secret for several years as a single woman fetched most fans as a sex icon. By 1935 someone outside the industry found out about the same and Mae’s marriage certificate. He immediately made the news public. Nevertheless, Mae denied the claim. However, for the same reason, Frank sued Mae for $ 8 million. Frank received the claimed compensation as well. Later they divorced in 1943.

Frank was also a notable dancer and song composer. At age of 67, in the year 1966, Frank died. He was buried in Saint Louis Cemetery and after the death of Mae, she was also buried along with Frank in the same cemetery. About Frank’s personality, less is known but we can say that he had charm so he can attract the most popular sex icon of the time.

Frank Szatkuz Net Worth

The exact net worth of Frank is unknown however he got 8 million USD as compensation from Mae. Mae was a well-known artist and had earned quite well. Nevertheless, when they were together, they must have enjoyed their celebrity status to the fullest.


There are many controversies associated with Frank. First of all, his origin story and other details raise eyebrows to date. Secondly, Mae kept her marriage secret for a long time, and when the news broke out it was spread like a wildfire. Many people accused her of playing with their sentiments. Lastly, both of them were buried in the cemetery; it was also found illogical by some people as they were divorced.

Anyway, we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their entertainment. Furthermore, their souls may rest in peace forever.