Katya Ariel Tylo, Family and Net Worth

Katya Ariel Tylo

Katya Ariel Tylo is an American celebrity kid of actor, model, author Hunter, and actor Michael Tylo. Katya is a celebrity kid but she has to go through a lot of struggles for survival. Nevertheless, she defeated all the obstacles in front of her and lived a luxurious lifestyle with her family. Let’s find out more about this brave star kid Katya in this celebrity article.


Katya’s mother Hunter Tylo is an American actress and writer. She was also a supermodel. She had worked in about 4 movies but her real playground was TV series where she has bagged promising roles in over 15 TV series. She had won several TV series awards in a row. Hunter married three times so far. In 1980 she married Tom Morehart and divorced in 1984. In 1987 tied the knot with Michael Tylo and had three children. In the year 2005 sadly, they got divorced after 18 years. Lastly, she married Gresson Archila in 2009 and stayed with him till his death in 2018.

Michael Tylo was also an actor and worked in over 10 movies. He also had three marriages. With Deborah in 1978 and Rachelle Reichert in 2010. He had a total of 5 children.

Personal Information

Katya was born in 1998 on 15th January. By 2022 she is 24 years old. After her birth on the 14th day, she was diagnosed with a rare disease. She had retinoblastoma. Retinoblastoma is a cancerous disease in which immature retinal cells develop and grow rapidly. Resulting in eye removal. Sadly, Katya had both eyes affected with retinoblastoma. But by the grace of God and doctors’ immediate action, her one eye was saved by chemotherapy. Katya wears a fake eye in one of her eye sockets. However, she is now as healthy as any 24-year human and enjoys life to the fullest.

Shortly after a few years, Katya’s brother died due to drowning in a swimming pool. He was 19 years old when he died.

Katya’s Birth Sign Features

By birth Katya is Capricorn. Her birthstone is Garnet. Saturn is her ruling planet and her birth element is Earth. The lucky day is Saturday and the lucky numbers are 4, 8, 17, and 22. The most compatible signs with Katya are Virgo and Taurus.

Katya Ariel Tylo Net Worth

Hunter is one of the finest actresses in the industry and charges a hefty amount per engagement. Her total net worth is around 13 million USD. Michael also earns a good amount and has a net worth of over 3 million USD. Katya lives a safe and secure yet celebrated lifestyle because of her parent’s fortune.

Katya is a brave girl who fought a dangerous disease like cancer in the early days of her life. She also lost her brother at an early age. However, she kept her calm and courage together and managed to move ahead surpassing all obstacles. She will do that in upcoming years as well. After such hardship, she deserves our applause.