How To Test Ride an Electric Bike

Test Ride an Electric Bike

Test riding a bike is always a good idea, because a good bicycle is an investment that can run from about the same expense as a used moped or scooter on up to the lower end of the price of a full sized motorcycle.

Even when you’re looking at more cost-efficient options, you need to be sure your investment in a human-powered vehicle will be comfortable when you’re on it, and only a test ride can do that.

The same principle applies when you want to find a good electric bicycle for men, because you’re going to need to enjoy the experience or else you’ll just wind up finding excuses to go back to other modes of transportation.

When it comes to testing out e-bike options, it’s actually even more important than when testing a regular bike, because you need to be comfortable on the ride and comfortable with the way the electric speed assistance works. There are a few choices out there, and it is possible to change up the motor type or class to get a better fit, but only if you know the difference between them.

Differences Between Motor Sizes and Classes

There isn’t one standard for electric bike classes, instead it is something that has been defined on a state-by-state and country-by-country basis. There are patterns emerging, though, with common motor sized at 250W, 500W, and 1000W. In different jurisdictions, the laws tend to group these into a few classes. Generally speaking, there are three common classes, and they are usually defined by the electric motor’s abilities rather than its size.

• Class One bikes are defined by a top speed of 21 miles per hour and a pedal assist motor that only activates when the rider pedals

• Class Two models are also defined by a 21 mph top motor assist speed, but the motor can function even when the rider does not pedal the bike

• Class Three machines are built to get to 28 mph before speed assistance cuts off, and they can also operate without the rider pedaling

Most electric bikes 500 watt motor wind up falling into one of the first two classes. Regardless of which style you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to feel things out and make sure you’re comfortable with both the top speed and the way the motor kicks in.

Frame Sizes and Seat Posture.

If you’re choosing between electric bikes for adults, don’t forget to take into account the same factors that drive your decision about any other kind of bike. You need to find a frame that you can comfortably fit on, with a style that puts your seat posture and distance from the handlebars and pedals in a good place for both short and long-distance riding.

Test Rides From Top E-Bike Companies

It’s easy to get a test ride when your bike seller is located nearby, because you can go to a brick and mortar shop and talk to someone about getting set up with a model you can take out for a few minutes. You don’t have to settle for a blind purchase when you order from an online, company, though.

All you need to do is contact them about their test riding policies, because many if not most will be able to send you a test model to try out before you buy it, and they’d much rather send you a few sizes and models to make a sale than wind up missing out. Go find your test ride today.