Herbert Arthur Disney, Personal Life and Net Worth

Herbert Arthur Disney

Herbert Arthur Disney is a celebrity sibling, best known for being the eldest brother of American animation film producer Walt Disney. Other than his brother, the father of Herbert Arthur Disney was also a famous personality. Today, Herbert Arthur Disney is already dead but is still known because of his family members.

Here, let us tell you all about Herbert Arthur Disney including his childhood parents, siblings, personal life, children, education, work, earnings, net worth, death, and many other such details.

Personal life

Herbert Arthur Disney was born on 8th December 1888 in Sorrento, Lake County, Florida, USA to Elias Charles Disney and Flora Call Disney. It is not really confirmed what kind of childhood Herbert Arthur Disney had. However, he had a bunch of siblings, so we can say that he must have had a fun-filled childhood.

Coming to the personal life of Herbert Arthur Disney, the name of his wife was Louise Rose Rast Disney, who died in 1953. 8 years after the death of his wife, Herbert Arthur Disney also left the world in January 1961. He took his last breath in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA.

Parents and sibling

Herbert Arthur Disney was one of five kids of Elias Charles Disney and Flora Call Disney. Nothing much is available about their personal lives. On the professional front, the father of Herbert Arthur Disney was popular for being an American-Canadian construction worker and entrepreneur. On the other hand, the profession of his mother, Flora Call Disney, is a mystery.

Speaking of the siblings of Herbert Arthur Disney, he had four siblings and their names are Raymond Arnold Disney, Roy Oliver Disney, Walt Disney, and Ruth Flora Disney Beecher.


Herbert Arthur Disney became the father of one child through his marriage with Louise Rose Rast Disney. The name of his child was Dorothy Louise Disney Puder, who took birth in 1915 and remained alive till 2007.

Education and profession

Not even a single piece of information is available on education as well as the profession of Herbert Arthur Disney. With the fact that his brother was in such a prestigious profession, we hope that Herbert Arthur Disney would also be in some good profession.

Reason for the popularity of Herbert Arthur Disney

Today, Herbert Arthur Disney is mainly known because of his younger brother, Walt Disney, and his father, Elias Charles Disney. They both are famous personalities and quite successful in their respective professions.

Net worth of Herbert Arthur Disney

Considering the fact that the profession of Herbert Arthur Disney is unknown, estimating his exact net worth is not possible either. If we talk about the net worth of his brother, he was estimated to have around 1 billion when he died in 1966. He had made all this money through his animated films.


Herbert Arthur Disney was a celebrity son and celebrity brother. Despite this fact, he maintained a quite low profile and kept himself always from the glamour of the media. Maybe he was not much interested in all this.