Edward Yates Brunt, Personal Life and Net Worth


Edward Yates Brunt is a teenage celebrity child and both of his parents are famous personalities. The interesting thing is that they don’t belong to the film or music industry. Want to know who they are and what they do? Well, their names are Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt. The rest we will discuss ahead. So, get into the details.

Here, we will unfold the details about Edward Yates Brunt including his parents, siblings, education, profession, childhood, love life, net worth, earnings, and many other such details

Personal life

Edward Yates Brunt was born in September 2009 in the USA and gave his parents, Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt, the joy of parenthood for the first time. At the time of his birth, the little boy weighed 7 lbs. Today, he is enjoying his beautiful childhood with his younger siblings.

If you want to know the love life of Edward Yates Brunt, he is just 13 years old right now. Given this fact, there is hardly any chance that he would be having any serious romantic relationship. Yeah, there might be a casual one.

Parents and siblings

Edward Yates Brunt is the oldest of three children of Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt, who got married in 2008 and have been together since then. They have three kids together including two sons and one daughter. The names of the younger sibling of Edward Yates Brunt are Yardley and Thatcher, who were born respectively in 2011 and 2013.

Coming to the professional lives of his parents, the mother of Edward Yates Brunt is an American journalist and media personality. As for his father, he is a novelist and former CEO and president of the cybersecurity firm Authentium.


With the fact that Edward Yates Brunt is only 13 years old, he obviously has no kids right now.

Education and profession

The parents of Edward Yates Brunt have not revealed any information about his education. Since he is 13 years old, we hope that he must be in school only today. The young teenager is focusing completely on his studies, so he does not have any professional career yet.

Reason for the popularity of Edward Yates Brunt

Needless to mention that it’s the parents of Edward Yates Brunt who makes him popular at such a young age. They both are renowned personalities so their kids are bound to get unwanted media attention.

Net worth of Edward Yates Brunt

With the fact that Edward Yates Brunt is a teenage student at the moment, he does not have any net worth. Right now, he is preparing himself to be capable enough to earn money like his parents one day. As of 2023, his mother alone has an estimated net worth of around 45 million.


Edward Yates Brunt seems to be a very disciplined and decent boy because whenever he comes in front of the media, he greets everyone very well. We hope that his discipline would take him to the topmost height of success in his professional life.