Nupuree Lightfoot, Personal Life and Net Worth


Nupuree Lightfoot is a celebrity mother, who grabbed public attention because of her daughter, Karina Lombard, a famous Tahitian-born American actress. With the fact that Nupuree Lightfoot is away from the eyes of the public, not much information is available about her. However, we tried to sum up whatever is available.

So, read the article further if you are interested to know about early life, parents, siblings, married life, children, education, work, profession, age, earnings, net worth, and all other details about Nupuree Lightfoot.

Personal life

Since Nupuree Lightfoot herself is not a celebrity and is primarily known because of her daughter, there is no information available about her childhood. Be it the names of her parents or her exact date of birth, nothing is known to the public about Nupuree Lightfoot.

If you talk about her personal life, the lady is married to Henry Lombard, who is a European aristocrat of Russia and is a banker by profession. Nothing much is available about the married life of Nupuree Lightfoot like when she got married and whether or not she is together with her husband today. During her youth, Nupuree Lightfoot immigrated to Tahiti with her husband. The reason for their immigration is not known.

Parents and siblings

We have already said that the family background of Nupuree Lightfoot is a mystery and not even a single piece of information is available about that. Given this fact, you will hardly find any detail about the parents and siblings of Nupuree Lightfoot.


The married life of Nupuree Lightfoot and Henry Lombard is successful and blissful. The couple has 5 kids together and their names are Karina Lombard, Inez Lombard, Charles Lombard, Helen Lombard, and Denise Lombard. Among all, Karina Lombard is the most popular one. Today, she is a successful American actress.

Education and profession

Let us tell you clearly that there is no information available on the education of Nupuree Lightfoot. However, we believe that the lady is well-educated. The reason is, she worked as a medicine woman of the Lakota Nation. She worked there for a long time or just for time being is not known.

Reason for the popularity of Nupuree Lightfoot

Of course, it’s the daughter of Nupuree Lightfoot who is the main reason for her popularity. Though the duo of daughter and mother is hardly spotted together, Nupuree Lightfoot garnered enough attention to become popular.

Net worth of Nupuree Lightfoot

With the fact that Nupuree Lightfoot was professionally active, it can be expected that she must have earned good money in her life. However,  the exact numbers of her earnings have not been disclosed to the public.

If we talk about her actress daughter, Karina Lombard, she is estimated to hold a giant net worth of around 5 million, which she has earned through her successful acting career.


Nupuree Lightfoot is a celebrity mother but she never showed off her life unnecessarily in the media or public. She always maintained a low profile and this is the reason that not much information is available about her life.