Hasan Kosen, Personal Life and Net Worth

Hasan Kosen

Kosen is a Turkish name, but it’s more popular because it is the name of the tallest man in the world. Sultan Kosen is the tallest man in the world, 251 cm or 8 feet and 2.82 inches. So, who is Hasan Kosen? Hasan Kosen is the brother of Sultan Kosen.

Although they are seen together in most events, Hasan and Sultan were famously seen together when they both visited London and waved the Turkish flag. Therefore, this article will inform you more about Hasan Kosen.

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Personal Information

Full Name: Hasan Kosen

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Mardin, Turkey

Brother: Sultan Kosen

Occupation: Unknown

About Hasan Kosen

Hasan Kosen was born in Mardin, Turkey. Mardin is in Southeast Turkey and is the capital of Mardin province. This city is known for its artuqid architecture and is closer to the Tigris River. The date of birth of Hasan Kosen is not known because information about him is private.

Furthermore, his brother Sultan was born on 10th December 1982 in Mardin. Sultan is the seventh tallest man in history and the current tallest man living.

Why is Hasan Kosen Popular?

The popularity of Hasan Kosen came after his brother Sultan Kosen broke the Guinness World Record for the tallest man. Since his brother won the record, they have been seen together in various events.

When Did Sultan Kosen Break the World Record for the Tallest Man?

On 25th August 2009, Sultan Kosen received the Guinness World Record for the tallest man living. At the time, he was eight feet and one inch tall. Bao Xishun was the tallest man before Sultan and was seven feet and 9 inches tall.

However, Sultan has excessive growth hormones that make him continue growing tall. On discovery, he was taken to the hospital, and they halted the hormones from making him grow. Currently, he is 8 feet and 2.82 inches tall.

Why Does Hasan Kosen Move Around with His Brother?

As a proud brother Hasan Kosen moves around with his brother. The reason for him having his brother back is because of his medical condition. Additionally, he studied and helped him around with communicating with people.

What is Hasan Kosen’s Occupation?

We don’t know the occupation of Hasan Kosen. However, his brother Sultan is a prominent farmer in Turkey. He owns huge tracts of land where he farms various foods. So, apart from being the Guinness World Record holder for being the tallest man, he is also a farmer.

Hasan and Sultan Kosen in London

Hasan and Sultan went for the 2010 Guinness Book of Records debut in London. This was on 16th September 2009. The brothers are seen in front of the Tower Bridge holding the Turkish flag.

Why Does Sultan Kosen Walk with Crutches?

Sultan has a spine problem which makes him have a bad posture. As a tall man, he finds a challenge walking upright. Therefore, to make him not have walking issues, he uses support. This aids him in walking properly and the back problem not to worsen.

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