Axyl Eugene Peterson, Personal Details and Net Worth

Axyl Eugene Peterson

Axyl Eugene Peterson was born on 27th September 2015 and is Adrian Peterson and Ashley Brown’s son. His father is a professional American football player, while his mother is a model. As Adrian and Ashley’s second child, Axyl has gained attention globally. Even though he is young many are searching for details about Eugene Peterson.

That being the case, we will inform you more about Axyl Eugene Peterson. Please continue reading to learn more about him.

Personal Details

Name: Axyl Eugene Peterson

Date of Birth: 27th September 2015

Age: 7 years old

Country of Birth: United States of America

Occupation: Celebrity kid

Brothers: Adrian Peterson Jr. and Tyrese Robert Ruffin

Grandparents: Nelson Peterson and Bonita Jackson

The Early Life of Axyl Eugene Peterson

Before the birth of Axyl Eugene Peterson, his parents were told by the doctors that he was to be born in October 2015. That didn’t happen as Eugene Peterson’s birth was early (27th September 2015). Even though his birth was before the due date, he was born healthy. Currently, he is seven years old and is starting his education life. Adrian Peterson is an alumnus of Westwood high school and the University of Oklahoma.

Career Life of Axyl Eugene Peterson

Eugene Peterson is a child and is beginning his education. Therefore, he doesn’t have an occupation yet. His parents have different careers. The dad is an NFL player, currently a free agent, while his mother is a model and cosmetic business owner (Elizabella cosmetics).

Adrian Peterson began his football career at a young age after the death of his brother Brian. His football journey started in high school, where he was a football, basketball, and track athlete.

On joining the university, he played for the Oklahoma Sooners football team, and as a freshman, he broke records. In 2007, the NFL drafted Adrian, and he became a Minnesota Vikings player. Since then, he has played for various NFL teams like the New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals, and more.

The Relationship Life of Axyl Eugene Peterson’s Parents

What is the relationship status of Adrian and Ashley? Recently there were reports that the couple was involved in a fight that led to Adrian’s arrest. As per the Peterson family spokesperson, the two had a verbal disagreement leading to their removal from the plane. Before this, the couple was happy and living in harmony.

Adrian and Ashley are former students of the University of Oklahoma. This is where the two met and began dating.  In 2011 they had their first child Adrian Peterson Jr. Three years later, the couple did a private wedding ceremony.

After two years of marriage, Ashley and Adrian Peterson got their second child Axyl Eugene Peterson.

What Happened to Tyrese Robert Ruffin?

Tyrese Robert Ruffin is a brother to Axyl but died in 2013 due to injuries. The parents didn’t specify the type of injuries Ruffin had. However, it seems the father didn’t know about his son’s injuries that led to his death.


This is all we had for you today about Axyl Eugene Peterson. As a celebrity child, he has lots of attention from different people. Thank you for your time.