Maria Albert Zucht, Personal Details and Net Worth

Maria Albert Zucht

Maria Albert Zucht is an adopted daughter of Margo and Eddie Albert. Currently, Maria is a businesswoman and formerly was a business manager of Eddie’s businesses. Maria has a brother called Edward Albert, who is an actor having followed in his parent’s footsteps. So, who is Maria Albert Zucht?

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Personal Details

Full Name: Maria Albert Zucht

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain

Nationality: American

Sibling: Edward Albert

Parents: Eddie Albert and Margo

The Early Life of Maria Albert Zucht

At the age of four, Maria Albert Zucht was adopted by Margo and Eddie Albert. Maria was born in Madrid, Spain, but she is an American national. Additionally, she is the surviving child of Margo and Eddie.

About Maria Albert Zucht’s Parents

Eddie and Margo are famous after gracing the entertainment scene for years. Margo was born on 10th May 1917, while Eddie Albert was born on 22nd April 1906. During birth, Eddie was named Edward Albert Heimberger, and his place of birth was Rock Island, Illinois.

Margo, also called Maria Marguerita Guadalupe Teresa Estela Bolado Castilla y O’Donnell, is of Mexican and American descent. Mexico City, Distrito Federal, is where Margo was born. Apart from being an actress, she is a dancer.

On 26th May 2005, Eddie died at the age of 99 in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California. His resting place is in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, Los Angeles. Margo died on 17th July 1985 at 68 in Pacific Palisades, California. Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery is where she is buried.

The Brother of Maria Albert Zucht

Maria Albert has a brother named who is deceased called Edward Albert. On 20th February 1977 is when Edward Albert was born. However, he died on 22nd September 2006 in Malibu, California. Additionally, Albert is an actor and is the husband of Katherine Woodville.

The couple got married in 1978. Catherine Woodville was born on 12th March 1938 and died on 5th June 2013. She was an actress who acted from 1955 to 1979. Before getting married, Katherine was the wife of Patrick Macnee and Jerrold Freedman.

What is Maria Albert Zucht’s Occupation?

Zucht is a businesswoman. Before becoming a businessperson, she was the manager of her father’s enterprises. Details about her business life are private, but we will update you when we get more information.

What Led to Her Parent’s and Brother’s Death?

Eddie had Alzheimer’s in 1995, leading to Edward Albert stopping his acting career from taking care of his dad. At the time of his death, Eddie Albert was suffering from pneumonia.

Zucht’s mother died from brain cancer; after her death, she was cremated, and her ash was sprinkled in Malibu. Finally, Edward Albert had lung cancer. A year after his diagnosis, Edward died on 22nd September 2006.


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