Gray Audrey Bratcher, Personal Life and Net Worth

Gray Audrey Bratcher

Gray Audrey Bratcher is the daughter of Jenna Von Oy and Brad Bratcher. She was born on 22nd May 2012 and is currently ten years old. The mother to Gray Audrey is a famous singer, actress, and author hence her becoming popular.

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Personal Information

Full Name: Gray Audrey Bratcher

Date of Birth: 22nd May 2012

Age: 10 years

Place of Birth: Nashville

Parents: Jenna Von Oy and Brad Bratcher

Grandparents: Gloria Von Oy and Frank Von Oy

Sibling: Marlowe Monroe Bratcher

Occupation: Celebrity Kid

Early Life of Gray Audrey Bratcher

Gray Audrey was born on 22nd May 2012 in Nashville. She is the daughter of Brad Bratcher and Jenna Von Oy, a celebrity. Currently, she is ten years old and is going to school. However, details about the school she attends are not known. We can confirm that she is a student at a school in Nashville.

How Did Brad Bratcher and Jenna Von Oy React After Audrey’s Birth?

The couple we elated after the birth of their first child, Audrey. In an interview with PEOPLE, Jenna said, “They are happy and love Gray. Although I am exhausted, it is an enjoyable moment. Jenna continues by saying that she delivered via c-section because she was seven pounds and was eighteen inches long. They also named her simply because the two loved Gray for a long time.

Who is Gray Audrey Bratcher’s Sister?

Marlowe Monroe Bratcher is the sister to Gray Audrey. As the second child of Brad and Jenna, she was born on 1st November 2014. Monroe is eight years old, and the two sisters have a good relationship.

About Jenna Von Oy and Brad Bratcher

Jenna Von Oy was born on 2nd May 1977 same month as her eldest daughter. Currently, Jenna I forty-five years old. She was born in Danbury, Connecticut. Additionally, she is an alumnus of the University of Southern California.

While in university, she was active in the acting scene. She started her career in 1986 till date. Jenna has appeared in various films such as Pepper Ann, Family Guy, Lenny, Blossom, and many others.

Brad and Jenna met in Nashville in a wine bar in 2009. Months later, Brad proposed, and the two got married in 2010. Two years after their marriage, they were blessed with a daughter. Moreover, in 2014 they got another child.

Where Does Gray Audrey Bratcher Live?

Gray Audrey Bratcher lives in Nashville with her mother and her sister. This is where they have been staying since they were born.

Are Gray’s Parents Divorced?

Brad and Jenna divorced in 2020. This is after they have marriage wrangles that are irreconcilable. The two are living their own lives but co-parenting to raise their daughters. However, we don’t know where Brad is living at the moment.

What Does Brad Bratcher Do?

Bratcher is a data consultant in the U.S.A. As an information technologist, he has worked in this industry for over a decade.