John Marshall Jones Jr., Personal Life and Net Worth

John Marshall Jones Jr.

John Marshall Jones Jr. is the son of famous American actor John Marshall Jones. As a son of a famous American actor, he has become the center of attention. This is because he is the only child of John Marshall Jones. Therefore, if you were searching for information about John Marshall Jones Jr., then you are reading the right article.

Here we will inform you all you need to know about him, like dad, stepmother, step-siblings, and what he does.

Personal Details

Full Name: John Marshall Jones Jr.

Year of Birth: 1982

Age: 40 years

Country of Birth: United States of America

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: African American

Occupation: Unknown

Step Mother: Vanessa A Williams

Step siblings: Haile Zion Ali Wiseman and Omar Tafari Wiseman

The Early Life of John Marshall Jones Jr.

John Marshall Jones Jr. was born in 1982 when his father was twenty years old. Currently, he is forty years old. Marshall Jr. did have a challenging early life. This is because his father never had enough money to support him. However, his grandparents and godparents did help him while growing up.

When it comes to education, Marshall went to school. However, we don’t have any information on the schools he attended. When we get this information about his education, we will update you.

John Marshall Jr. Battling Depression

According to his father, John Marshall Jr. had a tough time when he was a teenager, specifically when he was fifteen. His behavior and attitude changed, and his father wasn’t sure what led to these changes. It took John Marshall Jones six years to get his son diagnosed with depression and for him to get medication.

About His Dad (John Marshall Jones)

John Marshall Jones was born on 17th August 1962 in Detroit, Michigan. He went to Roeper School in Bloomfield Hills. After his education, he began his acting career. John Marshall Jones is also known as J.J.

Additionally, he has been featured in various TV shows and films. In For All Mankind, he acts as Nelson Bradford when he is upcoming. Also, he features paradise lost as uncle Ronny, Andy in the 50 states of terror, and Malcolm Peters in Grand Hotel.

Apart from being an actor John Marshall Jones is a producer and director. He is the co-executive producer for the TV series the cut, the last revolutionary, sweaty booty cheeks, and the guest at central park west. John has directed the sex, the green card, and the guest at central park west.

The Step Family of John Marshall Jr.

Currently, John Marshall Jones is the husband of Vanessa Estelle Williams. Before they became a couple, Vanessa was the wife of Andre Wiseman. The two got two children, Omar Tafari Wiseman and Haile Zion Ali Wiseman. When John and Vanessa came together, she went with the sons, who because step-siblings to John Marshall Jones Jr.


John Marshall Jones Jr. is the son of the famous actor John Marshall Jones. He was born in 1982, and we think he has a family. We will get back to you when we confirm more details about him. Thank you for your time.