Dylan Christopher Marshall, Personal Details and Net Worth

Dylan Christopher Marshall

Among the four children of Tracey Gold, the most notable one is Dylan Christopher Marshall. Dylan was born on 1st April 2008, and he has three brothers Sage Gold Marshall, Aiden Michael Marshall, and Bailey Vincent Marshall. His father is called Roby Marshall. As a teenager, what does Dylan Christopher do?

Today we want to give you more information about Dylan Marshall. Additionally, we will inform you about his family and more.

Personal Details

Full Name: Dylan Christopher Marshall

Date of Birth: 1st April 2008

Age: 14

Occupation: Actor and Celebrity Kid

Parents: Tracey Gold and Roby Marshall

Siblings: Sage Gold Marshall, Aiden Michael Marshall, and Bailey Vincent Marshall

Grandparents: Bonnie Gold, Robert O. Marshall, Maria Marshall, Harry Gold, and Joe Fisher

Early Life of Dylan Christopher Marshall

1st April 2008 is when Dylan Christopher Marshall was born in the United States of America. Dylan is the son of Roby Marshall and Tracey Gold. As a teenager, he has attracted lots of attention due to her mother’s popularity. Christopher Marshall has three brothers: Sage Gold, Aiden Michael, and Bailey Vincent. He is the youngest child, followed by Aiden, Bailey, and Sage, the eldest brother.

Education Life

Dylan is fourteen years old, and he is in school. However, we don’t know the school he attends when we know about his academic journey.

The Career of Dylan Christopher Marshall

Apart from being a celebrity kid, Dylan is in the film industry as an actor. Although he has not ventured into acting, he is working to become one of the best in the future. His mother’s first acting role was when he was four years old and appeared in a Pepsi advert. Before getting a feature on a TV show or film, she did many television advertisements.

What Did Dylan’s Mother Suffer While Young?

While Tracey Gold was young medical doctors diagnosed her with Anorexia nervosa. Although it affected her, she had a smooth recovery with the help of counselors.

Which Movies Did Dylan Christopher’s Mother Feature On?

Tracey has been featured in several movies like the best little girl in the world as Jennifer Jason Leigh, shoot the moon as Marianne Dunlap, the girl next door as Annie, the willies as Carol Seaver, and all hallows’ eve as Didi Hallow.

As for Tv shows, Gold has appeared on the worst cooks in America, final approach, safe harbor, return of the Seavers, promised land, the perfect daughter, and more.

Why Was Dylan’s Mother Arrested?

Drunk driving was the reason why Tracey Gold was arrested in 2004. This is after the SUV she was driving rolled on the California freeway. The highway patrol offers charged Gold with driving under the influence leading to injury.

Sage, Bailey, and Roby got injured in the car. She was sentenced to 240 hours of community and three years of probation. Before that, she was jailed for five hours and paid $50,000 cash bail for her release.


Dylan Christopher Marshall is Tracey’s current child who is getting lots of attention. We hope that we have given you new information about Dylan. When we get more, we will update you. Thank you.