Who is Debra Denise Winans?


Debra Denise Winans is still famous, thanks to her ex-husband BeBe Winans. BeBe is a gospel artist and is part of the Winans Family. Debra Denise married BeBe Winans in 1987 and divorced in 2003 after spending sixteen years together. In her marriage, Debra was blessed with two children, Benjamin and Miya Destiny Winans.

Life After Divorce

After divorcing BeBe Winans, life was not any easy as they had custody issues. Debra wanted child support while her ex-husband tried to have full custody of his children. Debra did not completely detach from her ex-husband as they were always drawn towards each other because of their children.

Romantically, it is unclear if Debra started dating someone else or even married, as she has not put such details to the public. Nevertheless, she was doing well as a single mom, and with a little support from her ex-husband, she could raise her children, who are adults now.

Her Assault

BeBe Winans assaulted Debra Denise Winans in 2009. The two argued over custody issues when BeBe pushed Debra to the ground, and she fell. It was an embarrassing moment for Debra since her children were around as they watched the assault on their mother. Debra pressed charges, and her ex-husband was arrested.

Legal Issues Surrounding Debra’s Ex-Husband

For BeBe’s assault on Debra Denise, he was arrested and appeared in court. In his defense, Debra’s accusations were inconsistent; however, he did not want to talk ill of the mother of his children. The charges were dismissed in December 2009 as BeBe was asked to attend domestic violence counseling sessions.

Debra’s ex-husband also had an issue with his former manager Eric Peterson; he claimed that Mr. Peterson breached their contract terms and he also frauded him. Eric used his power of attorney to transfer over a hundred thousand dollars to his account without Winans’ consent.

The Professional Career of Debra’s Ex-Husband

Debra’s Ex-husband started his music career in the 1980s; he recorded and released several albums with his sister before going solo in the music industry. For his musical performances with his sister, they were hired as background vocalists on The PTL Club. The duo enjoyed much success in the show as their fans loved them. The fans also demanded that they release an album, and they recorded one called Lord Lift Us Up.

Debra’s ex-husband and his sister left the show to grow their music careers; at first, they worked together and released some albums, and then BeBe went on his own. As a solo artist, Debra’s ex-husband has released several gospel albums and singles. Some of his albums include Need You, America, Live, and Up Close, which he released through Motown Records.

As a gospel singer, BeBe Winans has won four Grammy Awards, among others.

Social Media

Debra Denise Winans is not on social media platforms as she prefers to lead a secretive life, hence accounts belonging to her have been found on Instagram or Twitter. However, her ex-husband is active on social media handles; you can find him on Instagram and Twitter.