Who is Daunte Goncalves Toby?


Daunte Goncalves Toby is the son of American R&B singer, television personality, and model Claudette Ortiz. Daunte was born in 2003 and is not the only child; he has two younger siblings, Joel and Bella. His father is a singer and actor, Ryan Toby; his parents married in 2004 but divorced after 10 years.

Education and Other Interests

Daunte’s mother mentions that her son is an amazing person and is going great in school. He is already done with high school and probably has joined college to make a career of his choice, but his mother has kept his education details away from the public.

Claudette mentions that her three children love singing, including Daunte Goncalves Toby. She says that her children seeing their mother on television feels awkward; they often sing when they hear their mother’s song. Daunte leads his younger siblings in singing and dancing as the firstborn.

However, even if Daunte enjoys singing his mother’s songs, he does not want to make a career in entertainment; he explains that it is too tiring.

His Family Becoming Homeless

Most people were surprised when Daunte’s mother sought financial assistance. Claudette and her family had just moved to Los Angeles, and settling in was hard. She could not provide for her children; she sought state help, and social workers were concerned about why she was seeking financial assistance.

Before moving to Los Angeles, life was tough for Claudette and her family; she did all sorts of odd jobs, including working as a chef, but her paycheck could not cover all her bills. Daunte’s mother tried to open catering and cleaning businesses, but it was not enough. She packed her things and left the house with her children, including Daunte.

Daunte’s mother even thought of joining the Air Force Reserves; maybe that way, she could pay for school and her bills. At that moment, when she was at her lowest, she was texted by Phil Thorton asking if she wanted to be part of a reality show. However, things are good for them now.

Daunte’s Mother’s Career

Claudette Ortiz joined City High, a two-person group, in 2001; each of the group members with some basing their songs on real-life experiences. However, the band did not stay together for long as they disbanded in 2003, having released just two songs, including What Would You Do?

Daunte’s mother decided to try it in the music industry as a solo artist, releasing her first single, Can’t Get Enough, in 2006. She also worked with other artists, including Wyclef Jean, Ja Rule, and Nas. She also appeared on the reality show R&B Divas: Los Angeles and in the If Loving You Is Wrong series.

Social Media

It is unclear if Daunte Goncalves Toby is active on social media platforms. Still, given he is already an adult, he may have started exploring it and probably has a private account. Besides, his mother is on Instagram but does not post as much; she has rarely published pictures of her children.