All You Need to Know About the Celebrity Kid, Evie Elise Kress


Most people have been keeping tabs on Evie Elise Kress because she is a celebrity kid. Her parents are actors London Elise Moore and Nathan Kress. Evie was born on March 22, 2021, in California, United States of America. She has one older sibling, Rosie Carolyn, born on December 21, 2017.

When Evie Elise Kress was born, her father took to Instagram to inform his followers of the news. He wrote that her girls are the greatest gifts he has on the planet, and they make him happy; tears of joy rolled down Nathan’s eyes when Evie was born.

How Her Parents Met and their Marriage

Evie’s parents are both actors, as mentioned earlier; they met in 2014 when filming Into the Storm. In the film, Evie’s father portrayed Trey while her mother was doing some stunt work; they liked each other and started their relationship. The following year on May 29, they got engaged, and later that year, they exchanged their wedding vows in Los Angeles, California.

In an interview, Evie’s father mentioned that they were doing great in their marriage, and he is happy that his wife has made him a father of two. In 2021 when Evie Elise Kress was born, Nathan mentioned that London is superhuman and he loves her. There are no rumors of separation between Evie’s parents, as they are deeply in love.

Evie’s Father

Nathan Kress started his acting career in 1996; at the time, he was just four years old. He appeared on television shows, and then two years later, he provided some voices in Babe: Pig in the City. Evie’s father was a talented kid, and producers would not let him out of their sight in the acting industry. However, in 1998 Nathan stopped acting and focused on his studies for some time.

While in school, Nathan still participated in plays and was cast in one of the school productions. In 2005 young Nathan returned to the acting scene, appearing on comedy shows on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Before his breakthrough, Nathan made guest appearances on several shows, including Standoff, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Without a Trace, and House.

In 2007, Evie’s father landed the role of Fredward Benson on the Nickelodeon show; for his performance in the show, he became a fan favorite and gained more popularity. His other projects include Mr. Young, Star Wars Rebels, and Figure It Out.

Her Parents’ Net Worth and Social Media

Evie Elise Kress’ father has made most of his wealth through his acting and modeling career. He started as a child actor in 1996 and is still active. His net worth is approximately 2 million dollars. On the other hand, Evie’s mother is an actress, producer, and stunt performer; she made her wealth through her career, approximated at 1.7 million.

Nathan Kress is active on social media platforms, mainly Instagram, where he enjoys a huge following. He uses his Instagram page to share details about his personal life, some of which are work-related. Evie’s mother is also on Instagram.