Cy Kass, Age Parents, Career and Net Worth


Cy Kass is a celebrity child born to Sam Kass and Alex Wagner in 2017. The duo has been in the limelight for their careers, and when they announced news of their son Cy Kass, he became a celebrity kid.

Cy Kass’s father has held high positions and served as a chef and political advisor in the Whitehouse. The first lady Michelle Obama described Kass as a hardworking individual who had overseen some initiatives launched at the White House.

When Kass was getting married, the former first lady Michelle Obama and her daughters attended the wedding, which took place in 2014.

Cy Kass’s Parents

Sam Kass and Alex Wagner are the parents of Cy Kass. The duo have never shared their first meeting, but they held a beautiful wedding on August 30, 2014, at Blue Hill at Stone Berns in New York.

The wedding was one of the few where former president Barrack Obama, the first lady and the first daughters attended the ceremony. Alex Wagner and Kass held the wedding after Kass had dropped his work in the White House, and they started a family.

In 2017, the couple announced the birth of their first child Cy Kass. The happy parents announced the news on their social media accounts, and fans congratulated them. After Cy was born, the couple welcomed another child Rafael on April 6, 2019.

How Did Cy Kass’s Parents Meet

Cy Kass’s parents first met at the White House. It was during a correspondent party hosted at the White House, and Sam Kass, a familiar face at Obama administration, was in the party. Alex Wagner had been a journalist covering political news, and it was not surprising that she was part of the party.

Sam Kass’s Career

Sam became part of Obama’s circle when Barrack Obama was a Senator. Sam remained close to the prominent leader and worked closely with him before, during and after the presidency.

Sam Kass was a personal chef of President Barrack Obama. After serving as the president in the White House, he was promoted by the First Lady to the position of Senior Advisor on nutrition policy.

Sam showed great ability in his work and worked with the first lady in the anti-childhood obesity campaign as the executive director.

Cy Kass’s Mother

Alexandra Swe Wagner is an American Journalist known to be the wife of Sam Kass. Alex Wagner has been a television host and journalist, and her many years covering political news made her meet the person she spends her life with.

Alex Wagner is a smother, and she has posted pictures of her sons and husband, appreciating her husband for making her a mother of two. During father’s day, Alex posted a picture of her husband and sons and thanked him for being a caring partner.

Besides Cy Kass’ mother being the wife of a prominent figure, her career as a television host and journalist has made her more famous. She covers political news, and this has made her establish herself as one of the iconic journalists in America.