Who is Charles Glen Judd?


Charles Glen Judd was the father of American actress and singer Naomi Judd. He was born on December 30, 1924, in Louisa, Lawrence County, Kentucky, to Roy Ogden Judd and Sallie Ellen Moore. Judd married Pauline Ruth Oliver on May 25, 1943, and they were blessed with two children, Naomi Judd and Brian Judd, though Brain died due to leukemia aged 17.

Charles and Pauline divorced in 1976; he married Cynthia Anne, and they were together until his death; she died in 2021. It is unclear if Pauline remarried, but she died in 2019, aged 91.

Charles Glen Judd owned a gas station and could use its proceeds to support his family and to ensure they had everything they needed.

His Daughter

Naomi Judd was a mother of two daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd. Wynonna is a country music singer, while Ashley is an actress, and she has featured in several films, including Twisted, Divergent, Double Jeopardy, and Smoke, among others.

Charles’s daughter Naomi and her daughter Wynonna formed a band called The Judds, and the band became very successful. In country music, the Judds were undefeated; most of their songs topped and went undefeated in major country music award shows. The mother-and-daughter duo won five Grammy Awards and nine Country Music Association Awards, among others.

After rocking country music for over a decade, Charles Glen’s daughter was diagnosed with hepatitis C. So they stopped performing together, Wynonna would perform solo, and after some time, the duo broke up.

Following her Hepatitis C diagnosis, Naomi formed the Naomi Judd Education and Research Fund to raise awareness of the disease she had experienced firsthand. She worked with American Liver Foundation as a model and was awarded the Golden Plate Award for her diverse achievements.

Charles Judd’s daughter was also involved in acting, starring as Lily Waite in A Holiday Romance. In 1999, Naomi and her daughter reunited for NewYears’ Eve Concert 1999, and Ashley Judd was the MC of the event. A year later, The Judds also reunited for the Power to Change tour, performing for more than three hundred thousand people.

In 2005, Charles Glen Judd’s daughter started Naomi’s New Morning Show, which lasted two seasons. Her other television credits include acting as a judge and mentor in the reality series Can You Duet; she also featured in The Killing Game, Evergreen Christmas, and on the reality cooking series My Kitchen Rules.

Charles Glenn’s Daughter’s Personal Life and Death

Naomi Judd had her first child when she was 18. Her boyfriend abandoned her, and she married Michael Ciminella; they divorced in 1972. Charles’ daughter then married Larry Strickland in 1989.

Naomi Judd killed herself through a gunshot on April 30, 2022. Her daughter Ashley posted the news of her mother’s death on her Instagram page, saying they lost their mother to mental-health illness.


Charles Glen Judd died on July 4, 1984, aged 59, in Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America. His family members did not reveal the cause of his death. He was buried in Rose Hill Burial Park and Mausoleum in Kentucky, US.