Who is Edward J. Murray II


Edward J Murray has remained a celebrity father recognized for his son’s career in the entertainment industry. Edward J. Murray II died in 1967 due to diabetes complications, but he has remained in the hearts of many people because of his son’s success in the acting industry.

Edward was a proud father of nine children, and three of his sons ventured into the entertainment industry, growing into fame. Because of Edward’s sons’ career, he has been remembered for bringing up such minds into the world.

Edward was born on January 4, 1921, in Chicago. He was a salesman and ensured his family’s basic needs were satisfied. His parents were Edward J and Margaret Hogan Murray.

Edward met Lucille Murray, and became a family on November 6, 1943. Edward and Lucille had their first child Brian-Doyle Murray, a recognized actor, in 1945. They had eight other children after their first child, making a large family of eleven.

Who is Brian Murray

Brian Murray was the first child born to his parents Edward J. Murray and his wife, Lucille. Brian was born in 1945, and he opened the way for his other eight siblings. Although the family was very large, only one sibling of Brian Murray followed in his footsteps to become an actor.

Brian Murray came into the limelight because of his career as an actor, voice actor and screenwriter. Brian attended Saint Mary’s College in California in the late 1960s.

In the 1970s, Brian started his comedy career. He first started at The Second City Comedic Stage, which exposed him to bigger opportunities.

In 1979, Murray was featured as a player in Saturday Night Live on NBC. He played in the film up to 1982, giving him more exposure as an actor.

Since then, Murray has been in various films and television shows. Moreover, he has also acted in several films with his brother Bill Murray.

Regarding Brian Murray’s personal life, there are no records of the actors’ children. But he married Christina Stauffer, a former assistant and director, on August 28, 2000. It is unclear if they have children.

Who is Bill Murray?

Bill Murray is another child of Edward J. Murray II. Bill was born on September 21, 1950, and he followed his elder brother’s footsteps into the acting industry, becoming a recognized actor and comedian.

Like Bill’s brother Brian, Bill also regularly appeared in Saturday Night Live from 1977 to 1980. The appearance alone made Bill get nominated for Primetime Emmy Award, which he won, for writing various series.

Bill Murray was seventeen years when his father died of diabetes complications. As a result, he had to work as a golf caddy enabling him to fund his education. Three other siblings of Bill are also actors, but Bill is the most established actor in the family.

When Bill was twenty, he tried to smuggle cannabis, which was discovered. Murray indicated he wanted to sell it, which led to his arrest. Additionally, Murray was convicted and sentenced to probation for packing a bomb in his luggage.