The Life History of Boris Roussimouff


Boris Roussimouff was a Russian historian and scholar who made major contributions to the field of 20th century Russian history. Born in 1907 in the city of Saratov, Roussimouff studied at the University of Moscow and later obtained his doctorate from the University of Leningrad in 1939.

Boris Roussimouff’s Education

Boris Roussimouff  was a Russian-born scientist, mathematician, and engineer who dedicated his life to learning and teaching science. He was born in the village of Yayskoye, in the Russian Empire, and was educated in the village school. After graduation he was admitted to the Imperial Technical School in Moscow, where he studied physics and mathematics.

At the Institute of Technology he received his engineering degree and continued his studies in the field of electricity. He also studied thermodynamics and thermochemistry. He later received his doctorate in these fields and became a professor at the same Institute.

Roussimouff made several major contributions to science, including his research into the properties of black bodies, the origin and nature of cosmic rays, the theory of thermochemistry, and the theory of electrical conduction. He also developed the first Russian-designed electric generator. His work in the field of electrical engineering helped to provide electricity to many parts of the Soviet Union.

Roussimouff also worked to promote scientific education and was a founding member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. He was an advocate for the development of science education for all citizens, and served as the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Soviet Ministry of Education. He was also a member of the International Association of Electrical Engineers and the International Council of Scientific Unions.

About Boris’s Son Andre Rene Roussimoff

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Wrapping Up

Boris Roussimoff dies in France. That was in January 1993. He left behind his wife and son.