Ashley Victoria Winzer Personal Life


Ashley Victoria Winzer was born in 1983 to parents George Smith and Pebbles Winzer. She is the oldest of three children, having two younger brothers, David and Tyler.

Growing up, Ashley was surrounded by a loving and supportive family. Her father, George, was a successful businessman and her mother, Pebbles, was a homemaker. She learned early on the importance of hard work and dedication, which she applied to her studies. She was an excellent student, graduating from high school with honors and earning a spot in the prestigious Ivy League.

She recently married her long-time boyfriend, Michael, and the couple have a daughter, Abigail. Ashley and Michael currently live in Los Angeles and Ashley works as an actress and voice-over artist.

Ashley credits her parents and siblings for helping her reach her goals. She is grateful for the unconditional love and support they have given her throughout her life.

Photographer Pebbles’s daughter Ashley Victoria winzer Education

Ashley Victoria Winzer was born in 1983 to George Smith and Pebbles Winzer. She went to school in California, where she graduated from high school in 2001. She then went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Communications at San Diego State University in 2005.

During her college years, Ashley was heavily involved in various student activities and organizations. She was a member of the Greek life, a member of the student council, and volunteered in the community. She was also active in the San Diego State University’s radio station and was part of the media team for the university’s sports program.

Ashley Victoria winzer Career

Ashley started her career in 2005 by launching her own company called TagMe, a web-based service that helps users find and share content from around the web. This was followed by a stint as a director of product marketing for tech giant Microsoft, where she was instrumental in the launch of Windows Vista. She then went on to launch her own marketing consultancy, which provided advice and guidance to small businesses and start-ups.

In 2012, Ashley founded The Prodigy Network, an online platform that offers crowd-funding opportunities for entrepreneurs. She also established a venture capital fund, allowing her to invest in early-stage tech companies.

Ashley is also a prominent public speaker, and has given keynote speeches at numerous technology and business events. She has also been featured in a number of publications, including Forbes and Business Insider.

Ashley is passionate about promoting entrepreneurship and technology, and was recently named one of the top 50 women in tech by CIO Magazine. She is also a board member of the National Venture Capital Association.

Ashley Victoria winzer born in 1983 Net worth

She is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, best known for her involvement in her family’s business ventures. Winzer has a reported net worth of $2 million, which comes from her investments in a variety of businesses.

She is a board member of several organizations, including the Ballard Family Foundation and the Atlanta-based Black Girls Code.

Wrap Up

Ashley is still a passionate advocate for social change and works to improve the lives of those less fortunate. She is a volunteer at a local homeless shelter and is a strong advocate for the rights of the homeless. Ashley is also an active member of the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).