Everything You Need to Know About Bryon John Barker


On December 8, 1887, Byron John Baker was born in Knox County, Nebraska, in the United States. Byron, the son of Joseph H. Barker and Frances Tackett, worked as an electrical lineman. Even though Byron John Barker passed away in his middle years, more details about him are provided here. Let’s get going!

Byron John Barker’s life story

Electrical engineer Byron John Barker was born in December 1887. On December 12, 1923, he wed Matilda Kent Tarleton and welcomed Robert William Barker into the world. Although Byron John Barker passed away when his son was still a child, he grew up to be a well-known person.

Byron John Barker’s Son

Byron Son of John Barker, Byron Although Robert William Barker is his real name, John Barker’s son goes as Bob Barker in popular culture. He stayed with his mother until the eighth grade after Bob Barker’s passing. He was born and raised in South Dakota on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, but the family eventually moved to Springfield, Missouri.

Bob Barker may have attended a high school that is not listed in the records, but he afterwards enrolled at Springfield’s Dury College. Bob enlisted in the US Navy Reserve in 1943 to receive his training as a fighter pilot for World War 2. Unfortunately, before Bob could play any part in the conflict, it was over.

Bob went back to school and earned a degree in economics in 1947. Bob Barker’s first position was working for Florida’s KTTS-FM radio station. In order to pursue a career in TV, he moved to California in 1950 after developing as a person in the media.

Byron The Bob Barker show was launched by John Barker’s son in 1951 and ran for six seasons. The famous person began hosting a TV adaptation of his radio show in 1956 and continued to do so until 1974. Even after the TV program was canceled, he continued to hold various jobs and appear in comedic projects.

Bob Barker launched The Price Is Right program in 1972. Who knew the program would go on to hold the record for the longest-running daytime program ever? In addition to the show, he hosted other shows and participated in their productions.

The fact that Bob Barker, the son of Byron John, had a career spanning more than three decades, created history. His final episode of The Price Is Right was broadcast in June 2007, and he made his retirement announcement in 2006.

Byron Although the son of John Barker was rumored to have wed, no offspring were ever born. It appears that despite their long marriage, the pair never had children. In 1981, Bob Barker’s wife received a lung cancer diagnosis and later passed away. After the passing of his cherished wife, Bob appears to have never remarried.

Byron John Barker’s Wife

Matilde Kent Tarleton, Byron John Barker’s spouse, was his spouse. Matilde took care of their son after her husband, who was 42 years old at the time, passed away. In her line of work, Matilde was a teacher; she died in 1989.

Byron A luetic infection of the heart, blood vessels, and lumbar vertebrae caused John Barker’s death. There were claims that he died after falling to the ground while working, however this was untrue.