All About Brent Smith’s Son, Lyric Santana Smith

Lyric Santana Smith is the son of American singer and lead vocalist of Shinedown Brent Smith and his ex-partner Ashley Smith Marshall. He is the only son of the singer, who mentions that his son has been an inspiration and blessing in his life. Lyric Santana Smith was born in December 2007, but his exact date is unknown.

Education and Other Interests

After middle school, Lyric Santana Smith joined high school in 2022. While in an interview, his father mentioned that Lyric plays basketball and is highly interested in the NBA, and maybe someday he will play for one of the basketball teams. Lyric was highly praised in middle school for how he carried himself around; hopefully, he will be the same in high school.

About His Father

Lyric’s father started performing music in high school; he had a band, but after moving out of his hometown, he had to find a new band. He formed Shinedown in 2001 and recruited three members; Brent has been performing with the group for over twenty years.

His Father’s Romantic Life

Lyric Santana Smith’s father is currently single, focusing on his music career and taking care of his son. Brent was in a romantic relationship with Ashley Smith Marshall, with whom he had his only child Lyric Santana Smith. However, Brent separated from Lyric’s mother, but they are good friends and are raising their son together.

Brent then dated Teresa Collier for a long time, but they separated in 2016, and he has not been with anybody ever since.

His Father’s Struggle with Drug Addiction and Obesity

When Lyric Santana Smith was young, his father struggled with drug addiction; he used oxycontin and cocaine. Drugs had ruined his life and music career, but he did not know how to stop. Brent’s girlfriend, Teresa Collier, told him he loved him, but he had to quit drugs and work on his health.

Lyric’s father mentioned that people often made fun of his weight, and he would find comfort in drugs and alcohol. With the help of his fiancée Teresa, Lyric’s father started working on his health and stopped using drugs. Teresa looked for a personal trainer to help Brent Smith with his weight. The thought of Lyric Santana Smith also made Brent put more effort into working on his weight.

Brent wanted his son to be proud of him, so he had to work on his weight and drug addiction. He does not use drugs anymore, is in perfect health, and is doing well in his music career. Furthermore, Brent has a good relationship with his son and supports his ambitions.

Social Media

Lyric’s father has done everything he can so that his son can live an everyday life; for that reason, he is not active on social media, and Brent does not like posting him on his social media pages. Brent does not want people to relate to his son because his father is a famous musician but instead as any normal kid.