Meet the Nephew of Serena Williams, Jair Bobbitt

Meet the Nephew of Serena Williams, Jair Bobbitt

Jair Bobbitt is the nephew of Tennis superstar Serena Williams through her older half-sister Yetunde Price. Jair, the youngest among three boys, was born to his mother Yetunde and her then-husband Byron Bobbitt in 1998. His older brothers are Jeffrey Jr and Justus Bobbitt.

Jair Bobbitt has kept a low profile and does not often attend public events except the event carried out in October 2019 in California to celebrate the partnership between her mother’s and aunt’s Resource Center and Apartment List.

Personal Life

Jair Bobbit has remained somewhat secretive in his romantic life, and little is known about who he is dating. But he does not have any children as of now. He is possibly already done with his education, given his age, but he has not revealed anything regarding the same.

His Mother

Jair Bobbitt’s mother was Yetunde Price. She was born to Serena Williams’ mother and Yusef Rasheed. Price worked as a nurse to provide for her three sons, including Jair Bobbitt. Jair’s mother also worked as a personal assistant and nurse to Serena and Venus Williams. However, she never wanted to live off her sisters’ financial assistance, which is why she worked as a nurse.

Jair’s mother was often engaged in sporting activities and often showed up at her sister’s games and events to offer support. Given her work as their assistant, she went up to Wimbledon.

The Murder of Jair Bobbitt’s Mother

When Jair Bobbitt’s mother was murdered, she was in her car talking with her boyfriend. Price and her boyfriend were outside a house in Compton, Los Angeles, when two gang members fired at the vehicle. Price was shot in the head, but her boyfriend was not shot; he rushed her to the hospital, where she was declared dead on arrival.

The gunmen who shot Yetunde Price claimed they were defending their territory since they thought Jair’s mother and her boyfriend were rivals. The two men responsible for Jair Bobbitt’s mother’s death were arraigned court, where one was sentenced to 15 years in prison while the other was let go because his bullet did not kill Yetunde Price.

Life After the Death of His Mother

After the death of Jair’s mother, Jair and his older brothers went to live with his grandmother Oracene Price. However, Jair’s father, Byron Bobbitt, wanted his children to himself the following year, claiming that Oracene would not let him see his children.

Jair’s grandmother said he would not let Byron see or have the children because he had assaulted her daughter Yetunde and even threatened to kill her. Oracene mentioned that she would not trust him with her grandchildren’s lives, and for that reason, Jair and his brothers lived with their grandmother.

Social Media

Jair Bobbitt had an account on Twitter but has not tweeted for a long time, for which it has been inactive. Besides, no official account belonging to him has been found on Instagram. He may be a fan of social media but does not like posting; he is instead more of a viewer.