Megan’s Experience in Love Island Season 4

Megan Barton Hanson joined the reality show Love Island in Season 4. She joined on day 6 of the show and was coupled up with Alex Miller but completed the show with Wes Nelson, an English singer. At first, when she wanted to join Love Island, Megan said that she was bisexual and was attracted to both ladies and men, but the show producers told her that they could only cast her if she joined a straight lady.

Love Island Season 4

Megan was coupled with Alex when she joined Love Island Season 4. The show happens in a villa with everything needed to run smoothly. Each participant is coupled with someone and must demonstrate love for each other. Having joined the show on day six, Megan pushes up to the last day.

Megan made it to the final with singer Wes Nelson; they fell in love with the show despite their age difference. As finalists, Megan and Wes were ranked at number four, while the winners were Jack Fi and Dani. After Love Island Season 4, Megan and Wes continued with their love story but then split up as Megan mentioned that Wes was interested in money and that he was interested in her.

After leaving Love Island, Megan urged the producers to show more sex scenes to make the show more interesting. Megan must be grateful for appearing in Love Island because it opened doors for more opportunities.

Megan Comes Out as Bisexual After Love Island Season 4

After Love Island Season 4 ended, Megan came out in 2019 and said she was attracted to both men and women. Megan mentioned that she wanted to live the best way possible and at least enjoy sex with both guys and girls. After coming out as bisexual, Megan dated Chelcee Grimes, but they separated after some time.

Megan also dated Demi Sims, but they split up before meeting with James Lock, who she also broke up with after dating for a while.

Megan’s Regrets About Love Island

Love Island villa provided therapy sessions at the show’s end or when one wanted to leave. But Megan opted not to go for the sessions after exiting Love Island in Season 4. People started commenting about her looks and her plastic surgery days after she left the show, and there was nothing she could do about the therapy sessions at the time.

While leaving Love Island, Megan felt she did not need therapy and was okay until she saw the comments on her social media accounts. She warned new Love Islanders to avoid social media comments because some can be traumatizing.

Is Megan of Love Island Season 4 on Social Media?

Megan of Love Island Season 4 is active on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram, where she has over a million followers. She uses the @meganbartonhanson handle and likes posting pictures and videos of her personal life. Megan is daring and does not limit herself to what she posts.