22 Cute Things You Can Do for Your Girlfriend


Even if she does not say it, your girlfriend loves it when you do little cute things for her. Rest assured, she’ll remember all these things and will appreciate you for it. Doing these things not only make her happy, but it encourages her to be a better person as a whole.

Don’t have any idea what you can do for her? Here’s a list of 25 cute things you can do for your girlfriend:

#1 Cook for Her

You don’t have to be a good cook to prepare something for her. As simple as bacon and eggs, you can make your girlfriend really happy! But if you are up for it, you can check cooking videos and prepare her something special. The best thing about learning how to cook is you don’t have to keep going to expensive restaurants for your date. Your girlfriend may even love it more if there are times you cook for her and just stay at home!

#2 Bring Her Breakfast in Bed

You can start the day right by bringing her breakfast in bed. This will surely start her day right! She’ll be really happy and she’s likely going to have a positive outlook all throughout the day. Ladies love it when they see that they are appreciated and well-taken care of. If she’s going to have a busy day, having breakfast in bed will make everything a lot better!

#3 Surprise Her With Things She Loves

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to surprise her. Of course, you can always bring her something extra during the holidays and her birthday. But, if you want to brighten up her day randomly, you can buy her the little things she loves. For example, if she loves having her nails done, bring her to the salon and tell her she can do anything and you’ll pay for it.

#4 When Going to the Store, Always Have Something for Her

When Going to the Store, Always Have Something for Her


When you have to buy something, don’t forget to include her something, too. It can be a drink, her favorite food, or even a hair conditioner. This lets her feel that you are always thinking about her and that you make sure that she has everything she needs. You don’t have to buy her something expensive every time. Remember, it’s always the thought and gesture that counts!

#5 Compliment Her Sincerely

Compliment her for the things she has done. Always reassure her that she’s doing great. If she is struggling, tell her she is strong and that you’ll always be there for her. It’s common for women to have lots of insecurities. The best way to help her with this is to remind her that she’s more than enough for you.

#6 Suggest Doing Things That You Both Have Not Thought About Before

Suggest Doing Things That You Both Have Not Thought About Before


To keep your relationship exciting, suggest to her to do things that you haven’t thought before. This could be cliff diving, sky diving, or anything that both excites you. By doing this, she’ll realize that you want to do new things with her, which is really important to women.

#7 Driver Her to School or Work

Doing the effort of driving her is something a lot of girlfriends love. Women love to brag their boyfriends and the things they do for them. What better to achieve that by showing people that you drive her to work or class? Also, waking up early to drive her also shows that you really care about her.

#8 Spontaneously Call or Text Her

Calling or texting her spontaneously will let you know your girlfriend that you are always thinking about her. Check up on her from time to time. Ask her how her day is going or if she already ate. A simple text or call will make her feel she’s important to you.

#9 Never Watch a Show You Both Love Without Her

Never watch a show without her, especially if it’s something you both really love. You can ask permission to watch ahead, she might say yes, but she really prefers it if you watch it together. Don’t even try to watch it without letting her know! Once she finds out, she’ll really feel bad and will even start to wonder what other things you are keeping from her.

#10 Prepare Dinner Before She Gets Home

After a tiring day, she’ll be re-energized if she gets home and sees that you have already made dinner. This usually takes off some of her tiredness.

#11 Flirt With Her Publicly

Flirt With Her Publicly


Girlfriends love it when their boyfriends flirt with them in public. You don’t have to be too flirty. Giving her a kiss on the lips, cheeks, or hands will make her feel special. She’ll feel that you are proud of her.

#12 Give Her a Massage

Everybody loves getting a massage! Sadly, not all of us have the time or budget to go to a masseuse. Give her a massage after a long, tiring day. This allows her body to relax and she’ll really appreciate you for it. You can let her sleep soundly so she can have a better day tomorrow.

#13 Do Some of the Chores Willingly

Don’t wait for her to tell you to help her do some of the chores. Do it directly without even telling her about it. Rest assured, she will notice and it will greatly lighten up her mood!

#14 Prepare Her Tea or Coffee to Start the Day


Prepare Her Tea or Coffee to Start the Day


Aside from breakfast, you can also make her tea or coffee before she goes to work or class. It’s a simple gesture but will have a huge impact on how her day will go.

#15 Give Her Positive Comments if She Recently Changed Something in Her Looks

If she changes her hair, nails, or even buy a new dress, don’t forget to compliment her. Women love it when their men notice the changes without telling them. Tell her she looks beautiful and you’d love to take her out with her new hair!

#16 Surprise Her at Work and Bring Her Lunch

Randomly visit her at work and bring her her favorite food and have lunch together. She will really appreciate it and will even consider surprising you at work as well!

#17 Write Her a Heartfelt Letter

Romantic calls and texts can lighten up your girlfriend’s mood, but writing her a letter is a different level. Tell her everything – your feelings and how your relationship has made you a better person. Surely, she’ll be crying tears of joy and will love you even more!

#18 Do a Home Project for Her

Offer to fix something in her home or room. It doesn’t have to be a major project. You can fix her closet or the plumbing issues she has been having. You’ll never know, she might even prepare you your favorite food for doing the home project!

#19 Brag Her to Your Friends

Girlfriends love it when their boyfriends brag them to their friends. You don’t have to focus on the looks alone. You can tell them about her achievements and the improvements she has done. Tell them how she impacted your life and how she is unique from the others. She might not know it right away, but word of mouth travels fast. She’ll know eventually and will be really happy about it.

#20 Prepare a Travel List

 Prepare a Travel List


Traveling with your significant other is a goal everyone wants to achieve. Make a travel bucket list and share it with her. She will feel she’s really important to you and that you really love her for doing these things with her. Going to different places with your girlfriend is definitely one for the books. These trips will be memorable and will make your relationship stronger.

#21 Dance With Her

If you are at a restaurant or even at someone’s wedding, asking her to dance is really cute. She could be hesitant, but deep inside, she’s loving the moment. Dance with her romantically and tell her how much you love her. This will really mean a lot to her and will forever remember the moment!

#22 Bring Her to a Romantic Date

Bring Her to a Romantic Date


Bringing her to a romantic date is still one of the cutest ways to make your girlfriend feel special. Movie dates are still considered romantic, but if you want it extra, bring her to an exclusive restaurant. Before your date, let her pamper herself and pay for it.

You can even buy her a new dress. Then, let her wear it during your date. This will surely be a memorable day for her and will assure her that she is indeed special to you and that you love her very much!

These are the 22 cute but romantic ways you can do for your girlfriend. There are still so many things you can do, but you can start with these! For sure, your girlfriend will feel loved and she’ll be happier!

Doing these things not only make her a better person but will make your relationship stronger!