11 Eco-Friendly Gifts to Congratulate Your Associate on Their Anniversary

11 Eco-Friendly Gifts to Congratulate Your Associate on Their Anniversary

Got an invitation to your buddy’s anniversary party? No doubt, you have started thinking about the gift options. Well, go for something unique picking up an environment-friendly item.

Today the level of pollution is rising constantly. The water, air, and soil are being contaminated day by day. To be very frank, we are responsible for this to some extent. Thus, being a responsible inhabitant, we shall try to control this damage.

Listening to the word eco-friendly, many of us imagine a sculpture made with bamboo or jute. Herein is 11eco-friendly yet useful gift ideas that you will surely appreciate.

Gift A Photo Book

Photo books make for awesome gifts because they’re both personal, and take a lot of thought to get right. You need to make sure that you curate the perfect photo book if you intend to give one as a gift. You can use images from special memories or events that you remember, or you could use candid shots that you’ve found funny over the years. You lay out the pictures where you best think they should be and you’ll also need to find a good cover photo too. Different kinds of photo books are gifts that can be used and interacted with for a long time because what you’re actually giving the recipient isn’t just a photo, it’s a gift of memory.

Solar Lamp

The solar lamp is one of the most trending and widely accepted products. It saves energy and gets charged up automatically with natural resources. In this way, your gift will make your friend’s pocket heavy curtailing the electricity bill.

Let Flowers Make Ease Your Dilemma

A big bunch of beautiful blossoms is always the appropriate gift for any event. If you don’t get the time to choose anything, contact an online flower store on your mobile app. You can send flowers to gurgaon sitting on your couch.

Obviously, flowers are biodegradable thus these won’t abuse the environment rather, they raise the fertility of the soil.

A Gift Card or Coupon

Gift coupons are the most convenient idea. I personally always prefer to bestow a gift card. It is always better to give the recipients a chance to choose an item of preference, rather imposing our choice on them.

Nowadays coupons are available at all e-commerce platforms, jewelry shops, and so on. You just need to shell out your money as per your budget for buying a coupon. The receivers will be able to buy a product as per their preference.

A Set of Wine Glasses

A glass set is something that we need for regular use and if the people are kind of social butterflies, this would be an absolute gift for them. They are not biodegradable but definitely recyclable. Visit your pal’s house holding this kind of beautiful utility item.

Cotton Bed Cover Set

Present your ally a bed cover set made of 100% cotton. Cotton products are breathable, comfortable, good for the skin and most importantly biodegradable. Hence, this would be the best choice for gifting.

A Sapling with Planter

Plantation is the most expedient way to curb pollution. It cleans the air and increases the supply of oxygen.

Select plants that require less maintenance. There are several species available, which can grow in-house environments and can be positioned in a small area. If your associates live in a diminutive apartment with no yard attached, then these saplings would be the ideal gift for them. It helps to purify the atmosphere of the house making them feel healthy and refreshed.

An Anniversary Cake

Cutting a cake is an integral part of all celebrations. Success or joy is best shared with a memorable cake cutting ceremony. Hence, the anniversary cake would be the most essential element for the party.

Present your associate a delicious flavored cake. You can choose from a massive range of lovely cakes on Bloomsvilla. Your friends will be amazed to have such a gift.

Good Wishes Card

Give a cute pretty card to your associates writing your best wishes on it.

A Wooden Handcrafted Jewelry Box

Every woman requires a jewelry box to keep all her accessories arranged.

Surprise her with a wooden beautiful handcrafted box, rather than a plastic or fiber box.

A Cookware Set

Cookware sets are really essential for every household. Some utensils are technically invented faster and convenient cooking experience. In this way, it reduces gas consumption.

Provide the best quality of this kind of utensils to save the environment at the same time giving something worthy to your pal.
Offer a Spa Session

If you are bothered about your ally’s hectic and tiring schedule and want him/her to be relaxed, offer them a spa session in a parlour. The Spa therapy helps to rejuvenate the body and the mind forwarding no harm to our lovely ecosystem.

Gifts spread happiness. When you are going to bestow a present, the receiver is applauded if it is precious. If you are thinking of giving such a recyclable and ecological protecting item, then you would spread gladness to the whole of the world.