20+ Adorable Yorkie Haircuts You Should to Try For Your Puppy

Puppy Yorkie Haircuts

Small but feisty, Cute but with a big personality! The Yorkshire terrier or most commonly known as “ Yorkie” is one of the smallest dog breeds of the terrier type and even any other dog breed. It is energetic, feisty and domineering, but also affectionate.

Because of its small frame the yorkie has been branded as a toy type breed and you can do almost anything to it as much as you want, but remember fur parents, we must treat our fur children like humans. Yorkies are sensitive, and should be protected appropriately.

As a fur parent, who wouldn’t want to see our fur children to be presentable and good looking, right? It makes us feel proud to see that others get jealous of our trendy babies!

In this article you are going to see 80+ adorable Yorkie haircut styles which would fit your Yorkies. There are a lot of different Yorkie haircut styles, which varies from short yorkie cut, medium yorkie cut, and long yorkie cut. It depends on which one you’d like!

Elegant yorkie

Elegant yorkie haircut

Accentuate with a lock-up hairstyle to show off the shiny hair colors in order to give your puppy a polished look. Their straight fur is manageable enough to create different “furstyles”. Keep in mind to leave the hair long enough making the colors noticeable right away and also brush the layers.

Shortie cut

Shortie cut yorkie haircut

The shortie cut is really something you would consider during summer. As fur parents we always want to make our pets comfortable with their own fur and to be extra cute, you can add a tiny coat or any other accessories as well.

Explosive hairstyle

Explosive hairstyle

The explosive hairstyle is like a “just woke up look” but it is actually a high maintenance hairstyle because you need to brush it more often. Anyways, we always love to see our pets, whatever the breed may be with style so never mind about the amount of brushing to be done and let our pets stand out.

Round Yorkie hairstyle

Round Yorkie hairstyle is more of an experimental yet comfortable “furstyle” and it highlights your pet’s striking features. This is very suitable for Yorkshire terrier puppies as it adds to their cuteness. Also, it’s a neat yorkie hairstyle.

Layered Yorkie haircut

Layered Yorkie haircut is both comfortable for the pet, gives an impression of a properly groomed pet and the bonus is, it’s not high maintenance. Most pet owners also prefer this yorkie haircut because it gives a natural look for the pet.

Short and clean

This is another furstyle preferable during humid days and especially summer time. Imagine your pet having a slight bushy hair in the face, tail and legs while it’s short in other areas of the body. This short yorkie cut will definitely make your pet loved by everyone soon as they will see it.

Overgrown fur

Overgrown fur is a cute and high maintenance hairstyle which means you have to properly take care of it also as a fur parent. Growing fur too long without proper maintenance is a big no-no for yorkies as it will make them uncomfortable with it, so be sure that you will be able to take care of the overgrown fur.

Dapper Yorkie

Dapper Yorkie hairstyle focuses the attention on the face, legs and tail. The lining design on the body is a trendy fashion and adding a bow clip closes the statement. You can also do some ponytail on the top or add accessories too!

Cute Muddled Yorkie

Cute Muddled Yorkie

Cute Muddled Yorkie Haircut for Female is very comfortable for the facial region of the pet while also giving the nose and ears a slight bushy texture.

Medium hairstyle

Medium hairstyle will keep yorkies warm especially during the winter season, more than 2 inches long fur would be enough.

Tiny Lion

Tiny Lion, as the name suggests will make your pet look like a lion. The body is shaved, while the face and legs are left fuzzy.

Lion girl

Lion girl is partnered with a ribbon or cute hairpins. This is popular for long fur yorkies, the body fur is trimmed short while the face and paws are longer.

Cute round cut

dog hair Cute round cut

Cute round cut is literally making your pet yorkie a cutie pie. This is a simple furstyle that you could do at home.

Yorkie showroom beauty

Yorkie showroom beauty is best for a pet who’s a show grabber. Although it will make you pull out extra cash, hey, your pet looks awesome and it’s all that matters.


You might consider dying the lovely fur now, it will make it look more obvious when the fur is long and brushed evenly.

Contrast time

Contrast time will showcase the beautiful long fur of your yorkie while also making the shaved portion noticeable.

Messy stains

dog hairCut Messy stains

It’s a combination of improper experimental medium short yorkie cut giving your pet a homey vibe.


Bored with common yorkie haircuts for females or males? Try out giving your yorkie a pattern haircut. This stands out because you can think of basically any pattern you can imagine and transform your pet to a rock star. You can ask the professional groomer or just do it yourself, but proceed with caution.

Innocent homebody

This short yorkie haircut style is giving your pet a soft yet bushy pattern, making them look all innocent despite the silly things they’ve already done to you. In addition, this is one of the very low maintenance short yorkie cuts.

Long and beautiful Yorkie

When your pet has grown very long hair, there are so many hairstyles you can think of and do. You can either maintain it properly by doing very careful brushing or take it into a higher level of care especially when you decide to let your pet participate in a dog show soon.

When considering this yorkie haircut for female pets take note that this is very uncomfortable for them and is also a high maintenance yorkie hairstyle.

Here are other relevant cute pictures of yorkie male and female hairstyles and haircuts.

I hope by now you have found the best hairstyle for your fur baby!