11 Best Websites to Download Free Music

Download Free Music

Hey there free soul! So you’ve stumbled upon this website looking for a place to download free music, right? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Well, you know, music is an essential for people like us, it might as well be equally important as your comfort food during sad times, and vitamins to boost up your immune system, you feel me? It feeds the soul and promotes well-being of a person as well.

Researchers even claims, listening to sounds such as music and noise has a significant effect on our moods and emotions because of brain dopamine regulation.  

Listening to music can help us to feel happy even if we are sad, how much more if we can download music we like for free and without any legal repercussions, isn’t it amazing?

However, in today’s world it seems like everything you do would come in with a price. As a fellow music lover who likes to vibe and jive, I’ll be sharing with you this information.

Brace yourselves as this article is going to talk about 11 music websites to download music legally for free.

So here’s the list of the top 11 website to download music in a random order:

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SoundCloud is widely known for being an online audio distribution platform enabling its millions of music lovers and users worldwide to upload and share their self-produced sounds. 

It is the largest in the online world offering free audio files and an avenue where people get in touch with each other with similar music interest. People generally visit this site for discovering, listening and sharing and downloading free music.


ReverbNation caters pop, alternative, hip-hop music and other genres. With its diverse genres, emerging artists and music enthusiasts usually visit this site to discover free music and get inspiration. Who wouldn’t want unlimited free music?

It’s really a good feeling to be able to find great music and download it freely firsthand before it’s discovered by others. ReverbNation allows its music-lover users to stream desired music while other users can download this for free.


SoundClick is another amazing place for music enthusiasts since the late 90s.You can find here genres like instrumental, hiphop, electronic, rock, alternative, acoustic, pop, and many more! It offers unlimited streaming, personally customized playlist, great music network and unlimited free music downloads. Here, music producers from around the world allow other music lovers to freely download their music.


Jamendo is a website loaded with independent artists. It offers free music download and streaming. It has almost unlimited free songs from thousands of independent artists worldwide. Jamendo is a safe online music platform under Creative Commons licenses, meaning you don’t have to constantly worry about copyright infringement concerns when downloading music from here.


Audiomack is an online platform offering free unlimited music discovery and sharing. When surfing online, nothing beats a very user-friendly website like audiomack. You can discover here amazing songs, albums, artists and freely download all that you like.

In addition, audiomack has unlimited storage for great music all categorized for easier access. Trending music news are also featured here informing you of the current happenings in music world wide. Audiomack mobile application enables avid music producers to share their songs around the globe which you can freely download also.

Amazon Music Store

Amazon Music Store offers amazing music online collection. You can find free to download songs and music. Although Amazon Music store has paid services it also offers a free digital music web page which allows you to find free songs. You just have to explore their website and discover great, high-quality free to download music. 

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a digital library for books, movies and of course, music! How amazing is it to be able to discover and readily download for free music that you like. There are millions of items here awaiting to be discovered.

This website allows you to download your newly discovered music freely and legally because almost everything here is under Creative Commons licenses. The Internet Archive allows its users from anywhere around the world to access freely its digital collection of items.

You should visit the Internet Archive to discover and download music from years ago to present, popular music, instrumentals, compiled music, jazz, and other collections.


Last.fm is known for its personalized music recommendations. There is just too much music available online making it hard for you to really discover specific music you like. Last.fm stands apart from other websites because it has a “scrobbler” system that automatically recommends music to you.

Depending on your music searches and listening habits, it will generate music and songs that are close to your heart, making it easier for you to listen to specific genres. It is a well curated music website that also allows free music for downloading.


CCTrax is one of the best websites for free music download. It offers unlimited tracks available for free download under its royalty-free section. You can download music legally for free even without making an account and logging in, minimizing the hassle.

It also features recent releases and current readable music articles. Music files here have Creative Commons licenses which enable music lovers to promote, share and download their chosen tracks.


YouTube is one of the biggest online platforms in the digital world. It has millions of videos and music available for watching and listening. It has become almost natural for this generation to go to YouTube to find trending music or researching for music that you just heard for a short time. However, downloading for free music on YouTube is quite tricky as you will need third party websites to download such music.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is an interactive audio library with a collection of legal audio which are downloadable from wherever you are in the world. It keeps all genres of music and even music for videos and background music are all available here for free and unlimited download.

So that’s the top 11 websites where you can download music for free. Hope you guys will enjoy listening to your free music. Peace out! That’s a wrap.