Who is William Carlyle Hall’s Son, Michael Hall?


William Carlyle Hall is the late father of actor Michael C. Hall who died in 1982 because of prostate cancer. At the time of his death, his son was eleven years into puberty, and it was a moment when he needed his father, but he died from cancer.

William Hall was an employee at IBM, while his wife, Janice, was a mental Health professional who operated from Lees McRae College. William and his wife gave birth to their son on February 1, 1971, and he was the second child the couple welcomed after their first daughter had died at birth.

Who is Michael C. Hall?

Michael C Hall, the son of William Hall and Janice, is a famous American actor who has stood out as one of the most talented and accomplished Hollywood actors. Initially, Michel wanted to become a lawyer, but because of his engagement in plays and choirs while in school, he saw he was more talented in acting and chose to pursue it.

Michael enrolled in an elite acting school because of the prior exposure he had received while in school regarding acting. Hall started acting in plays on Off-Broadway and Broadway in New York and within a short time, his name was becoming recognized as an elite actor.

As a result of his actions, he got a role in Six Feet Under, and the movie received critics and reviews, leading to his other role in the Dexter series. Dexter was a big show that made Michael Hall get recognition among the big league of television actors.

Michael Hall also appeared in movies that helped grow his name and net worth, but mainly engaging in television and theatre, he was grouped under the tv.

Is Michael Hall Cured of Cancer?

Cancer is a notorious disease, and unfortunately, Michael was diagnosed with the disease when he was thirty-eight. This shocked the actor because his father died of the same disease when he was thirty-nine, but that did not prevent him from pursuing his career.

Hall was diagnosed with the disease in 2010, and in the same year, in an interview, he revealed that the news was upsetting, considering the disease killed his father. He attended the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award in 2010 while wearing a cap because his hair had fallen off because of chemotherapy.

In season 5 of Dexter, Michael C. Hall continued acting, wearing a wig to cover hair loss. On April 2010, Hall’s spokesperson revealed that Hall’s cancer had fully gone into remission.

Is Michael Hall Married?

Although Michael is an established actor, he is also a family man and has been married a few times. His first marriage occurred in 2002 with actress Amy Spanger although they divorced in 2006.

In 2009, Michael C. Hall married co-actor Jennifer Carpenter, who they featured in dexter but divorced in 2011. After two failed marriages, Hall married an associate editor in 2016, and they have been together.