Betty Heminger, Family, Net Worth and Career


Betty Heminger was the daughter of Charles Dallas and Jessie Etheline Heminger. Betty was born on October 6, 1923, in San Bernadino, California, and she grew up as a fine young lady who married Earnest Jennings Ford on September 18, 1942.

Betty remained with her husband for over three decades, and they were blessed with two sons, Jeffrey and Brion. Until Betty’s death, she was married to Earnest Jennings Ford.

Betty Heminger’s Husband

Earnest Jennings Ford was the husband of Betty Hemminger. Betty’s husband was famous by his professional name Tennessee Ernie Ford, and his musical talent made him a celebrity.

Ernie was a musician and television host, and throughout his life, he enjoyed fame. Betty’s husband was born in Bristol, Tennessee, United States, and he spent his early years listening to western music, which aroused his interest as a musician.

While Ford was in high school, he began walking around Bristol and looking for a radio that could allow him to develop his career as a radio announcer. In 1937, Ford had his first gig and landed a job as a radio announcer at WOPI-AM, and he was paid ten dollars weekly.

A year later, Ford left the radio station for the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in Ohio, where he started studying classical music. After studying for a year, he returned to his radio announcing job and did it from 1939 to 1941.

During World War II, Ford worked as a Lieutenant and a bombing instructor. After the war ended, he returned to working on the radio.

Ford had a job as a radio announcer at KFXM. During his time in the station, he made his name famous by creating a character named Tennessee Ernie. As a result of growing famous, he got other radio hosting jobs and started holding music concerts. The Mayfield brothers were among the first bands that helped Ford perform in the concerts he arranged.

Is Betty Heminger’s Husband Alive?

Ernest Jennings Ford died in 1991, a few years after his first wife died. It is unclear how Ford and Betty met, but they walked down the aisle on September 18, 1942, and exchanged vows. Betty and Ford had a beautiful life together with two sons, and they remained close until Betty died on February 1989.

In the same year Ford’s wife died, he married again. It was barely four months after Betty had died, but his wife’s death did not prevent him from having a love affair.

Ford suffered a severe liver failure on September 28, 1991, and died after he left a state Dinner hosted at the white house. Unfortunately, Ford died at Dulles Airport, but he left two sons and a second wife.

Ten years after Ernie died, his second wife Beverly Wood also died. She was laid to rest in Alta Mesa Memorial Park beside Ford’s body.

Who Are Betty Heminger’s Children

Betty was a mother to two sons before she died. Jeffrey Buck Ford was the firstborn born in 1950, and Brion Ford was born in 1952. Betty’s second son died in 2008 of lung cancer in the White House.