Why is the CompTIA A+ Certification Important?

CompTIA A+ may be familiar to you if you have ever explored a profession in information technology (IT), whether as a PC support specialist or network administrator. Numerous positions in the IT industry require CompTIA A+ certification. CompTIA A+ is a foundational certification that demonstrates to employers that you have a fundamental understanding of how to operate, maintain, instal, and repair computer and mobile device hardware and software.

Let’s take a closer look at what CompTIA A+ certification comprises and why it is such an essential step toward pursuing an IT profession.

CompTIA A+ Consists 2 Exams

CompTIA A+ certification requires passing the 220-901 and 220-901 tests. Beginning January 15, 2019, these two tests will be replaced by 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2). (Core 2). The new examinations will closely correlate to the current exam versions, with the 220-1001 exam concentrating on hardware, networking, mobile devices, cloud computing, and virtualization. The focus of the 220-1002 (Core 2) test will be on operating systems, software, security, and operational procedures.

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CompTIA A+ Certification Is Not Limited to Personal Computers

CompTIA A+ is a foundational certification, focusing on the fundamentals of installing, maintaining, and utilising hardware and software. While a significant portion of CompTIA A+ focuses on personal computers, including hardware components, Windows OS support, networking, and troubleshooting PC problems, the certification spans beyond the PC. You must also have knowledge of mobile devices, mobile operating systems, security, and best operational practises. By teaching you these vital abilities, an information technology certification programme will help you prepare for the CompTIA A+ examinations.

CompTIA A+ Certification is Recognized Worldwide

CompTIA is the acronym for the Computing Technology Industry Association, a non-profit trade organisation comprised of IT manufacturers, distributors, and resellers. It is one of the largest and most esteemed IT trade associations. American National Standards Institute also accredits the CompTIA A+ (ANSI). CompTIA A+ is a globally-recognized standard, regardless of where you work. Good information technology programmes will give you with vouchers to take the two CompTIA A+ examinations because CompTIA A+ is such a vital building block for an IT career.

How Much Does the CompTIA A+ Certification Cost?

Exam cost vary by country. In the United States, the price each exam is $226, totaling $452. Candidates who qualify for particular programmes, such as military members or students, may be eligible for discounts. To know more about a+ certification cost visit 

Prerequisites for taking the Exam

CompTIA A+ exams do not require any prerequisites. Candidates with other IT certifications, such as Comptia Network+ or Comptia Security+, may find it easier to pass the tests.

Format of the Exam

The Comptia A+ examinations consist of multiple-choice and performance-based questions. Each examination will have a 90-minute time limit.

How Long Does CompTIA A+ is Valid

The CompTIA A+ certification is valid for three years. The sole exception is if you obtained your certification prior to January 1, 2011, in which case it remains valid indefinitely. Renewal is simple and demonstrates to companies that your IT abilities are current. There are two primary methods to renew certification. One option is to take the most recent edition of the CompTIA A+ examination. The other option is to complete 20 units of continuing education (CEU). You can earn CEUs by attending a college course, earning job experience in your information technology career, writing a related white paper, article, book, or blog post, or acting as an IT instructor or mentor.

Passing Marks

To get the Comptia A+ credential, candidates must achieve a passing score of 700 on each exam. Scores are presented on a 100-900 point scale. The maximum degree of performance is indicated by a score of 900, while passing scores range from 100 to 699.

Difference Between CompTIA A+ and Project+ Certifications

Comptia A+ certification focuses on entry-level IT occupations, whereas Comptia Project+ certification focuses on mid-level IT professions. Both certifications are acknowledged by the IT industry and can lead to a variety of work opportunities. Comptia A+ certification is more likely to lead to positions in Help Desk and Desktop Support, but Comptia Project+ certification is more likely to lead to careers in Project Management and Information Technology Management.