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Renovating Your Bathroom Doesn’t Have to Cost You an Arm and a Leg

Bathroom renovations are popular among Canadian homeowners looking to enhance their homes’ functionality and aesthetics. As one of the most frequently used spaces in any home, bathrooms play a crucial role in our daily lives. Regardless of how well-maintained your kitchen or other areas of your home may be, ignoring your bathrooms can detract from your home’s overall appeal.

With the right design and decor, a bathroom can be transformed from a purely functional space to a personal retreat where you can unwind and relax. Whether you’re seeking to create a spa-like atmosphere, a more modern look, or a vintage vibe, a bathroom renovation can help you achieve your desired aesthetic. Moreover, upgrading your bathroom fixtures can improve your daily routine, making your space more functional and efficient.

Hiring a bathroom renovation company can ensure your project is done correctly, safely and according to code. Professional contractors are also familiar with the latest trends and techniques which can help you achieve the look you desire without going over budget. Plus, they’ll be able to provide you with suggestions on how to save money while still getting the job done right.

How Much to Remodel a Bathroom?

Remodelling a bathroom can be a big investment. It is important to budget accordingly and make sure you are getting the most out of your money. According to HomeAdvisor, bathroom renovations in Vancouver cost between $5,942 – $14,756, with an average cost of approximately $10,229. The size of the bathroom has a significant impact on the total cost. Smaller bathrooms typically cost less than $10,000 while larger bathrooms can exceed $30,000.

Ways to Cut Costs When Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom can be a major expense, but there are ways to keep costs down. When it comes to materials and fixtures, consider reusing what you already have and selecting mid-grade options instead of top-of-the-line. Standard-size fixtures will also save money in labour and installation costs. Doing as much work as possible yourself such as demolition or painting walls is another way to cut back on expenses. Finally, it’s best to tackle one project simultaneously instead of multiple projects simultaneously to spread out the costs over time and manage them better financially.

When it comes to design, there are several ways to save money while still creating a stylish look. Opting for neutral colours such as whites and beiges can help keep costs down compared to bolder shades. Stick with classic designs that will stand the test of time rather than trends which may come and go quickly. Additionally, you can find great deals on materials by shopping around at different stores and online.

Create a Detailed Budget and Stick to It

Before you begin your renovation project, it’s essential to create a detailed budget. This will help you determine what you can afford and what you can’t. It’s crucial to be realistic and honest with yourself about your financial situation. Set aside a certain amount of money for the project and ensure that you stick to it. By doing so, you’ll be able to avoid overspending and costly mistakes.

Shop Around for Materials

When purchasing materials for your bathroom renovation, it’s essential to shop around. Look for deals and discounts, and don’t be afraid to negotiate prices. You may be surprised at how much you can save by comparing prices and being a savvy shopper. Additionally, consider purchasing materials in bulk to save even more money.

Consider DIY Projects

If you’re comfortable with DIY projects, consider doing some of the work yourself. By doing so, you’ll be able to save on labour costs. However, it’s important to be realistic about your skills and abilities. If you’re unsure about a project, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Renovating a bathroom can be challenging, and mistakes can be costly.

Retain the Bathroom’s Size and Layout

Retaining the size and layout of your bathroom is an effective way to reduce costs during a renovation. When you move plumbing pipes, such as the toilet discharge and sewer pipe, it can be expensive. If possible, try to avoid rearranging or enlarging the bathroom unless absolutely necessary. Moving objects that are not easily movable is often the most expensive part of remodelling a bathroom. Even if you do need to alter the size or layout of your space, consider how much money that change will cost before making a decision. It may be more beneficial in terms of cost to keep the existing structure in place if it can still meet your needs.

Use Facebook Marketplace or Other Online Platforms

Facebook Marketplace and other online platforms can be great resources for finding deals on bathroom remodelling materials. Shopping online provides a wide selection of products at various price points, reducing the need to visit multiple stores or outlets. Additionally, it is often possible to find gently used items in good condition that are significantly cheaper than purchasing something new. For example, you may be able to find a bathroom vanity for your bathroom renovation project at a discounted price on the platform. In addition, some online retailers offer coupons and discounts that could further reduce your costs when shopping for materials and fixtures. Using any platform as part of your bathroom renovation plan can help you save money while still achieving the results you desire.

Consider Square Footage and Room Size

This rule will help you determine the number of materials and supplies you need for the project. For example, if you have a smaller bathroom, you can opt for wall-mounted fixtures or smaller vanities that take up less space. Additionally, you can choose to use fewer tiles or keep your walls plain instead of adding decorative details. By being mindful of your room’s size, you can save money on materials while still creating an attractive space. Furthermore, if there are existing fixtures that are still in good condition, such as the toilet or bathtub, keeping them can also help reduce costs significantly. Ultimately, by considering the square footage and room size when planning your bathroom renovation project, you’ll be able to create a beautiful space while saving money at the same time.

Prioritize the Essential Remodeling Items

When planning a bathroom renovation project, it’s important to prioritize the essential remodelling items. This means focusing on elements that are necessary for functionality and safety first and then adding decorative details later. For instance, replacing outdated plumbing fixtures such as shower valves and faucets is essential to ensure proper water flow and pressure. Additionally, updating electrical features like light switches and outlets should also be a priority since these can be safety hazards if they’re not up-to-date. By prioritizing these essential items first, you’ll save money by only purchasing what you need while still ensuring your bathroom is safe and functional. Moreover, you can use the remaining budget for more aesthetic upgrades such as new tiles or vanity cabinets.


Renovating your bathroom can be an exciting yet costly project. By being smart and strategic, you can achieve the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank. Creating a detailed budget, shopping around for materials, considering DIY projects, and opting for neutral colours are all ways to save money on your bathroom renovation without sacrificing quality. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and functional bathroom that you’ll enjoy for years to come.