Who is Habiba Jaffrey?

Habiba Jaffrey

Habiba Jaffrey is the wife of Indian actor, comedian and dancer Jaaved Jaffrey. It was Jaaved’s second marriage since he was married to Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiar for a year, from 1989-1990, but she denied ever marrying him, saying that those were rumors. Habiba was born on December 27, 1965, in Mumbai, India.

She married Jaaved Jeffrey in 1991 and has been together since; they have three children, Meezan Jafri, Alaviaa, and Abbas Jaffrey.

Her Children

Habiba’s eldest son Meezaan Jafri followed in his father’s footsteps and is also an actor. After his appearance in Malaal, he gained countrywide recognition and was praised for his spectacular performance. Habiba’s son is set to feature in an upcoming movie called Yaariyan 2. Meezaan is not married.

Habiba’s second child is Alaviaa; she owns a clothing line and likes posting pictures of some of the clothes she sells on her Instagram page. You can order whatever cloth you need, but then she delivers only in India.

Abbas Jaaferi is Habiba’s youngest child; he is still in school; maybe after he completes his studies, he might venture into acting or comedy and pick from where his father would have left.

Her Husband

Habiba’s husband was born in 1963 to comedian Jagdeep. He followed in his father’s footsteps and became a comedian; on top of that, he is also an actor, dancer, and film producer. Habiba’s husband is known for contributing to the Indian acting industry. Jaaved dubbed Don Karnage, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse in Hindi.

Habiba’s husband has appeared in many Hindi movies and shows, including Rock Dancer, Fire, Gang, Jawani Zindabad, Lashkar, Karm Yodha, Road Raja, Mai Ka Lal, and Zabaan Sambhalke.

Jaaved Jaffrey has been a judge on some shows and championships, including Karaoke World Championships, Boogie Woogie, and Kaboom. He also hosted award shows such as the Zee Cine Awards, IIFA, and Filmfare. Habiba’s husband hosted Once More With Jaaved Jaaferi and Back to Flashback.

In February 2023, Habiba’s husband was on the jury at Zeezest Unlimit Awards 2023. He continues to be part of important events since the acting industry understands his contributions as an actor, comedian, and dancer.

Habiba’s Husband in Politics

In 2014, Habiba’s husband tried his luck in the political arena when he contested in the Lok Sabha Elections for the Lucknow parliamentary seat. He lost the election coming in fifth with slightly over 41 000 votes. Since his defeat, he has not involved himself in politics; he did not vie in the 2019 elections.

What is the Net Worth of Habiba’s Husband?

Habiba Jaffrey’s husband has accrued a lot of wealth through his involvement in the entertainment industry. He has been acting since the 1980s and has featured in several films. He has also hosted some shows and acted as a competition judge. Jaaved’s net worth is approximately 5 million dollars.

Social Media

Habiba Jaffrey is not active on social media platforms; she has left that to her husband. Jaaved Jaffrey is on Instagram and likes posting pictures of himself, his friends, and others relating to work.