Facts About Peter Tork’s Daughter: Erica Marie Tork

Facts About Peter Tork’s Daughter

Erica Marie Tork has been on the radar of most netizens because of her father, Peter Tork, an American musician. Tork had Erica Marie on June 15, 1997, while in a romantic relationship with Tammy Sestak. Erica’s parents were never married, and the period of their relationship is unknown.

Erica Marie Tork has two older siblings, Hallie Thorkelson and Ivan Iannoli. There is a huge age gap between Erica and her siblings, and that may hinder them from interacting often. Besides, they are already married, and their older children are almost the same age as Erica.

Personal Life

Erica is very secretive and has tried to live away from the limelight. When her father died, Erica was 21 and probably still in college. Little is known about Erica’s mother, but she might be staying with her. Regarding her love life, Erica has not revealed if she is married or has any children.

Education and Career

Erica Marie’s older siblings have studied up to college and have great careers. It is okay to assume she also attended college after completing high school. However, she has not dared to mention which college she attended.

Regarding her career, Erica Marie took a different career from her father’s. She is not into music but has not revealed what she does to earn a living. However, her sister Hallie is a special education teacher, and she has worked in several other institutions, while her brother is a lecturer and an artist.

About Erica Marie’s Father

Erica Marie’s father was married four times but also has romantic relationships with women he never married, including Erica Marie’s mother. Peter Tork first married Jody Babb in 1964, but their marriage failed as it ended the same year with no child. He then met Reine Stewart, with whom he had his firstborn child; they married in 1973 and divorced the following year.

On his third marriage, Erica’s father exchanged wedding vows with Barbara Iannoli in 1975, and they had a son, and they divorced in 1987. In the 1990s, Peter dated Tammy Sestak, and they had his lastborn child Erica Marie Tork. His last marriage was to Pamela Grapes in 2014, and they were together until he died in 2019.

Her Father’s Music Career

Peter Tork established himself in the music industry in the early 1960s before joining the Monkees as the bass guitarist and keyboardist. The Monkees was made for a sitcom of the same name, so when the show ended, they separated; however, they united years later. Erica Marie’s father also worked with other bands and artists.

Erica’s father was on music tours in his later years, with his last tour being in 2006, touring with Dolenz.

Her Father’s Later Years and Death

In the last decade of his life, Erica’s father was diagnosed with head and neck cancer; he went through radiation therapy, and his doctors were sure that it had gone. However, it reoccurred three months later. Erica’s father battled the disease until his death on February 21, 2019.