What You Need to Know About Auto Repair and Services

What You Need to Know About Auto Repair and Services

Auto repair and service are crucial for ensuring that a vehicle always runs smoothly. From addressing minor problems to dealing with major breakdowns, such services are indispensable to car owners. InTown Auto Care is one place where you can get such services thereby ensuring the longevity of your vehicle.

Common Types of Car Repairs

Sometimes, your car may develop an issue that needs to be handled immediately. This is common among car owners. While numerous things could go wrong with your car, the following are common car components that can lead to repairs:


This is the system that enables a car to start running. It includes the battery, the ignition, and the starter. Sometimes, the problem could simply be a battery that needs to be swapped. Or it could be something more serious with the ignition. This can be a real nuisance if such a malfunction happens on the road.

2)The Electrical System

The electrical system and components like the battery are closely related since they run along the same lines. Fuses and light bulbs are also part of this system. If you’re a car person, minor breakdowns within this system can be handled at home. Otherwise, you’ll have to go to the auto repair shop.

3) Brake

Brakes are important in cars. Keeping them in good working condition is essential. Many car accidents can be attributed to brake system failure. Components like brake lines, rotors, and brake pads may experience issues that lead to their malfunction.

4) Thermostat

Engine temperatures can be extreme; the thermostat is there to regulate them. A busted thermostat can lead to overheating relatively quickly. Replacing it is one of those critical repairs that have to be performed urgently.

5) Mass Air Flow Sensor

Most people don’t fully understand the importance of mass air flow sensors in their cars. It is a component that determines how much air reaches the engine. Engine performance will decrease markedly if it malfunctions. Its performance is closely tied to the air filter, making the latter an equally important component to repair every time.

These are some of the common things that require quick repair when they break down. Of course, there are crucial ones like the spark plug, engine oil, and oxygen sensors.

Maintenance Services

When people talk of getting their vehicles serviced, it usually means carrying out regular maintenance procedures. Usually, car servicing is done periodically to identify and solve some issues before they lead to a major breakdown.

While major repairs can be done during servicing, such sessions are usually about some components that may need replacement.

A typical car servicing session will include;

1) Oil Change

Changing the engine oil is important. It’s essential to the smooth running of the engine. Depending on your vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines, you may need to change it after every few thousand kilometers of mileage. On average, it’s about 6000 miles. An engine oil check should be part of every car servicing session.

2) Fuel Cap Tightening

When the “check engine” indicator light comes on, it’s usually because your car’s fuel caps are loose. Loose fuel caps can be costly, making you burn more fuel. This means your gas mileage will decrease. It should always be checked whenever your car is being serviced.

3) Spark Plug Replacement

Despite being small in size, a spark plug can have very noticeable consequences for your car if it fails. It is responsible for starting your car engine by igniting its fuel. While replacing your spark plugs is something you can do at home, issues arise when it’s done incorrectly. Of course, they’ll need to be replaced promptly to avoid issues.

4) Tire Inspection and Change

Having well-inflated and efficient tires is not only important for a smooth drive; it also helps with fuel efficiency. A well-trained mechanic can learn to recognize several tire issues just by a visual inspection. Replacing worn-out tires early on is important to avoid blowouts later on.

Where to Find Auto Repair and Service

It’s crucial to remember that one session can encompass the other. If you take your car for a tire repair, the mechanic may notice other issues, prompting him to service the car. Similarly, if you take your car for a regular servicing session, problems can be identified that lead to immediate repairs to be carried out.

Finding an auto repair and service place for your car shouldn’t be difficult. Usually, friends and family can recommend places that offer such services. A quick internet search can also help find reliable services.

If you purchased your vehicle from a dealership, they’re always happy to recommend auto repair places assuming they don’t offer such services in-house. Remember that some auto repair shops focus on specific brands of vehicles. This is something to keep in mind if your vehicle is relatively new and you’re concerned about warranty issues.