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Walker Steven Van Zandt

Walker Steven Van Zandt was born on 7th March 1997. He is the son of a celebrity couple Billy Van Zandt and Adrienne Jo Barbeau. Walker has been followed by paparazzi since the day he was born as his parents were one of the most famous couples in the world of Hollywood. The media tried to get information about his life but he was able to dodge the limelight to some extent.


He is now 25 years old and his handsome features have made him a heartthrob among the masses. Despite all the attention from the Hollywood world, Walker still leads a relatively private life. Nothing much is known about him but he has an Instagram account where he keeps in touch with his fans and provides them glimpses of his life. He is an adventurous person who loves to travel around the world as shown by his Instagram photos.


Billy Van Zandt was born on 13th December 1957 in the state of New Jersey, USA. He pursued his career as a writer and actor. He wrote multiple theatrical plays in collaboration with Jane Milmore. He is best known for the TV memoir “Get in The Car, Jane (Adventures in Tv Wasteland)”. He also received an Emmy nomination for his tv special named “I Love Lucy: The Very First Show”. He bagged the People’s choice award for his work on the sitcom “Martin” which aired on the FOX network.

Adrienne Jo Barbeau was born on 11th June 1945 in California, USA. She aspired to be an actress, singer, and author. She is known for her performance as “Carol Traynor” on the famous sitcom “Maude” which aired on the CBS network. She then acted in horror and fiction films. She was praised for her performance in the film “Fog”, “Escape from Now” and “Creepshow”. She won the Fangoria Chainsaw award for best-supporting actress for her performance in the horror film “The Convent”.  Adrienne also provided her voice for the role of “Catwoman” in “Batman: The Animated Series” that aired on FOX network.

Adrienne was first married to the director John Carpenter and had a son named “John Cody Carpenter”. The marriage lasted for 5 years only and they both got divorced. She met Billy during his play “Drop dead” in 1991. They got married one year later. Adrienne gave birth to twin boys in 1997 at the age of 51. They were named “Walker Steven Van Zandt” and “William Dalton Van Zandt”. However, the couple got divorced in 2018 due to marital conflicts. Billy soon started dating actress Teresa Ganzel and remarried on 21st September 2021.


Walker Steven Van Zandt shares a special bond with his brother as there is no age gap between them. They are best friends and are often seen hanging out with each other. Reportedly, both of them were each other’s biggest support system when their parents got divorced. Both the sons still share a good repute with their parents and didn’t let the separation affect them.