Royce Beckley Adkins, Education and Family

Royce Beckley Adkins

Royce Beckley Adkins is the youngest son of famous director David Adkins and producer Meredith Fuller. Although, he is the son of a celebrity yet he preferred to create his own identity. Unlike other celebrity kids, Royce is a self-made person who has achieved success in life through hard work and passion. His father has been a guide throughout his life and has helped him showcase his talent in the right way.

Education and Career:

Royce Beckley Adkins completed his graduation in Digital Film Production from The Art Institute of California. Adkins pursued his career in Hollywood as an independent writer, filmmaker, and director. He has also provided his services for the sound department in multiple films and television series. Reportedly, he also helped the singer Everette Harp to record his first album named “First Love”. Royce is known for his work as director and writer of the film “Outcast”. He also directed a short film “The Girl with No Brain” which was critically acclaimed and was awarded “Honorable Mention” at the Los Angeles Film Award.


David Adkins is an American actor famously known as “Sinbad” for his amazing stand-up comedy performance. Sinbad served as a military boom operator but had an interesting reputation in the military. He always insisted on breaking rules and was discharged for parking the car in the wrong position. He is famously known for his role as “David Bryan” in American Sitcom “The Sindbad Show” that aired on Fox Network. His other noteworthy performances include playing “Kevin Franklin” in the film “Houseguest” and “Sam Simms” in the film “First Kid”. He also made a promotional deal with the Apple company and was seen multiple times advertising the products.

Meredith Fuller is an extremely private person and not much information is present about her early life. She is a producer and has produced films “Outcast”, “Retrospect” and “The Girl with No brain” that was directed by her son Royce Beckley Adkins.

The couple met at Wichita State University and dated for several months. They soon got married in 1985 and had two children: Paige Adkins and Royce Adkins. But according to David, he was not ready for a marital relationship at that time hence they got divorced in 1992. However, the duo resolved their marital issues and retook their vows 10 years later in 2002. David stated that a successful marriage is based on the space between husband and wife. He would leave the house whenever his temper flared up to give himself some time to cool down. This seems to do the trick as the couple is still going strong in their marriage.

Personal Life:

Royce Beckley Adkins married Bianca Renee Today in the year 2016. Bianca is known as a YouTube influencer. The couple is very much in love and glad to share their lives through social media. They had a son named Jalen Sky Adkins on 8th February 2020. Both parents were overjoyed and shared the pictures of the newborn on the family’s Instagram account.