TOP 5 Crazy Businesses to Start! How Ready Are You?

TOP 5 Crazy Businesses to Start

That’s great if you have a business idea. Nevertheless, building up a new business can be often challenging. Any ideas on where to start? There is only one way to check if your idea works well. Try it! You can be confused, swimming in the endless sea of interesting business ideas in the internet.

Some of them are really brilliant, but the others are not. Whatever crazy idea you have, don’t give up. Everything depends on the country you are trying to survive with your start up. Of course, online business works well all over the country. But when it comes to shipping, the most popular tourist places win the game.

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1. Try Rent-A-Chicken business

Yes, you heard it right. You can start to sell chickens for rent. Of course, when you need to find a car in Florida or whenever you are, you’d better contact Rental24h car rental agency in this region. The choice of cars is big and the prices vary depending on the season, duration, car brand.

Also, paying online, you can get the cheapest deal. The same is about chicken rental! If one needs to rent a chicken for his farm to try how it feels to care about chickens, this person can contact to a chicken rental service! It sounds weird but you can really find a chicken rental service online.

2. Become drone videographer

It is not a big surprise that modern technologies make our life easier and more interesting. If you have a drone, you can be a good drone videographer. Just let your drone fly over beautiful landscapes as an agent on order. Who’s agent? Oh, your client company can be a hotel, restaurant, and any other real estate community.

3. Try to sell boyfriend body pillow online

Who’s pillow? Yes, you’ve probably heard about a bit weird service – boyfriend body pillow. Sometimes, when you can’t sleep at night because you are alone in bed and there is nobody to hold you, you can buy a special pillow. It is done in a man’s shape to sleep by your side.

Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum Cleaner

4. You can be a hangover helper

It often happens that people gather together and party till morning. What’s going on in the morning? As a rule, people have to clean their home, suffering from dehydration and terrible headache. There is a service where people can book a team of helpers online. You can come and help to clean for a good price. Be ready to clean every room where the party happened. Also, it includes washing dishes, laundry, recycling bottles. Be ready to spend some time for cleaning.

5. Sell used jewelry online

Online trades become a very popular and profitable business. Everyone can start selling something online. It can be everything, new or used, that you don’t need any more. There are websites that are specialized in selling used jewelry, including wedding and engagement rings. It often works because not everyone can afford to buy a new brand wedding ring.



So, it is time to decide what you want. Your big dream about opening your own business can work. Let’s try to determine how ready you are to own a business.

Step 1: Get some inspiration

You can find many worthy ideas online or when you drive through the city in your free time. If you are lucky you can find a unique business idea. Just look at your own life. What do you like the most? Is there anything you can do on a daily or weekly basis in addition to your work or study? But how can you be sure that your idea will work? You should try but before, make a search and count how much cash you need to start.

Step 2: Write it down

So, you’ve found several ideas. Try to weight all the pros and cons and write your ideas down. The next step is trying to work on the first one. Believe it or not, but young entrepreneurs often fail. There are many early business ideas that become really disappointing as times goes by. Just start, work, and try to analyze. Don’t be afraid to stop and start something new. Every your idea can be a great success. So, don’t miss it.

Step 3: Let it be so!

Try to find many useful resources for business owners on hot to count taxes, where to find money for startup, and how to conduct your business in the right way. That’s great if you feel certain of your business idea but one more checking can’t hurt you.
Do you know the difference between success and failure? Don’t be afraid to experience both. Try to use all your interesting ideas to earn money on them, even the craziest ones. If you don’t have any business experience, look around first.