Are electric lawn mowers any good? Read article before buying

are electric lawn mowers any good

Do most people wonder whether are electric lawn mowers any good? Or not? We’ll answer this question here in simple words. Yes, it is a useful tool! But before considering you will know about something very useful. With electric mowers, lawn mowing can be a very serene experience both for you and your neighbors. The reason?

Scores over other mowers:

Electric mowers are seventy five percent more quiet than other mowers. Convenience of use is also another great advantage according to Stonelink, a property management company in Providence. Its hassle free compared to gas powered mowers where you have to fill the tanks and store gasoline in your home. This is more significant if you have kids or pets at home, a can of gasoline can be hazardous for either of them. So in such a case an electric mower is a safe bet. Moreover being a silent gadget doesn’t mean it is not performance driven, an electric mower can do its job up to your expectation levels.

Savings on your pocket:

One reason which makes an electric mower a right choice is that they are very economic.
They are affordable when you purchase them, and they remain so when you use them. For a gas powered mower you’ll spend dollars on the gasoline every year, whereas an electric mower uses only around $3 in electricity consumption per year.

But saving on energy doesn’t rip off any special features of an electric mower. Many of the electric mowers available in the market are mulching mowers and also have added features like extended handles or bagging units.

With or without cord:

A cord is like lifeline for an Electric mower but it can also do without it, you just have to spend a few dollars more. Though a corded mower is less expensive it is good for small yards and it’s a misconception that cord can create mess in the lawn, it’s just like using a vacuum cleaner. Just take care that kids and pets don’t trip over the cord, rest there won’t be any trouble with it. Also ensure that the electric supply outlet you use has a ground fault circuit interpreter.

Cordless mowers obviously are more convenient, all latest models are equipped with on board battery charger and indicator lights. You only need to plug it in and the charger will shut down itself when the battery is charged completely.

With a cordless electric mower you need to keep one thing in mind and that is the size of your lawn. There are charts available with the manufacturers which shows how long the batteries last and how much grass you can mow in that time.

Here also you have an amazing option of battery power, via a 24-volt battery for small to medium-size lawns, or a 36-volt model for larger lawns, but only some of the brands provide this feature.

A powerful electric motor means the battery needs more time to recharge, it can take around 16 to 20 hours to charge completely. Do enquire about this before purchasing an electric mower. Moreover a bigger battery means a heavier mower, but any way’s it’s always lighter than a gas powered mower with its tank full.

Though you may perceive that an electric mower is better than others which it indeed is, and a cordless one is better than the corded one, but is not entirely true.

One point where a corded mower scores more than its counterpart is that the corded one is very light weight as it doesn’t have a battery. If you can manage the cord around this is a much better option, at least for a small lawn.

Cordless models were manufactured by companies like Toro, Ryobi and Black & Decker, but now days you find fewer cordless models due to decline in demand. The reasons for which are best known to the consumers, check mowers guide for more about which cordless mowers is currently best.

But be it a cordless or corded one, an electric mower definitely is great equipment for joyful mowing experience throughout years. Now now what is your answer with this question, are electric lawn mowers any good?

Lawn Mower Safety

What harm can a thing like a lawn mower do? Don’t be surprised if we tell you the fact that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that each year lawn mowers injure over 110,000 people seriously enough to require treatment in hospital emergency rooms. I am sure now you’ll find this article more interesting. Hey we are not making you afraid but a lawn mower can be very hazardous if not handled properly.

So here are a few tips from our side to make you and your lawn happy.

1. Do read the instruction manual no matter how boring it is. It is going to pay back whenever you have some trouble. Once you go through all the instructions and safety measures you will get to know how to handle your mower thoroughly.

2. Make sure your lawn is entirely clean before you start mowing. No twigs or toys or pebbles or plastics. Objects picked up and hurled by the blade cause many injuries, even deaths.

3. Mow your lawn when the children are at school and the pets are asleep. We mean keep them away while you mow. But if kids are around don’t give in when they ask to mow. Even if they are grown up and can mow still don’t leave them alone and give them all necessary instructions.

4. Handle your mower the way it is instructed in the manual if it says push then don’t pull. Every mower has its own specific motions.

5. Fill your mowers tank in an open area doing so in an enclosed area can cause building up of combustible fumes.

6. While filling gas don’t smoke and keep away any open flame from the tank.
7. And please don’t store petrol or any such fuel in unmarked containers in your home.

8. Don’t fill the tank when engine is running or it is still hot after you have mowed.

9. It is better to fill the tank every time before you mow and fill only as much is required.

10. Remove the spark plug before doing any maintenance work on your lawn mower.

11. Don’t start your mower engine in an enclosed area.

12. Don’t leave your mower engine running. Turn it off whenever you leave it even for a few minutes.

13. Maintenance should be done only when engine and all the power controls are off.

14. Always wear closed sturdy shoes and long pants while mowing.

15. Also keep clear from discharge chute as any object can come hurtling at great speed while you are mowing.

16. Whoever is going to operate the mower should be trained and given all the requisite instructions. Also he or she should be observed until its safe to let the person mow alone.

17. Every protective device should be in place before starting the mower. Shields and guards can protect you from serious injury in case of any mishap.

18. Don’t let small kids ride with you on the mower. A rider can be thrown off from mower and can get run over. You’ll also get distracted if there is someone by your side which is not good from safety point of view.

19. Use your mower only for mowing. Playing with such a machine can have lasting repercussions.

20. Drive up and down slopes when operating a riding mower and mow across the slope when you have a walk behind mower. A mower if overturns can cause serious injuries.

21. Getting the service done by experts is always a better option but you still should keep your mower clean and checked especially in mowing season. If you have any doubt about repair or while changing blades ask a service person. Also get your mower inspected annually.

22. Manufacturers have made operator-presence safety stops that stops the blades within 3 seconds after controls are released. Brakes may have to be adjusted, but this safety feature should never be overlooked. The trailing toe shield and the discharge chute protection should be operational.

23. Don’t mow your lawn if it is wet and adjust cutting height before beginning.

24. Except if your electric mower is labeled “double insulated,” always plug it into a grounded (3-prong) outlet.

25. Last but not the least use earplugs to prevent hearing loss.

So now I think I will solve your question, are electric lawn mowers any good? The thing is they are much expensive but they are awesome in function ability, I always prefer electric lawn mower but make sure they have enough power to run the machine at least 1 – 2 hours.