Tanen Debarge, Personal Life and Net Worth

Tanen Debarge

Tanen Debarge is a celebrity kid. His father is a popular American singer and songwriter. Wondering what’s the name of his father.? Well, he is El DeBarge. Tanen Debarge is said to be the adopted son of El DeBarge.

Today, we are here to talk about Tanen Debarge and his life including his early life, parents, family, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

Since Tanen Debarge is believed to be the adopted son of El DeBarge and Monica DeBarge, there is not much information available on his birth. However, he is believed to have been born in 1991 in the United States of America. He holds American nationality and follows Caucasian ethnicity. Besides this, no other information regarding the birth details of Tanen Debarge is available.  If you talk about the love life of Tanen Debarge, it is a mystery to the public. Considering his age, we can assume that he might have romantic relationships, but he does not like to make it public.

Parents and siblings

You already know that the names of his parents are El DeBarge and Monica DeBarge. When his parents got married and how long their marriage lasted is not known to the public. Tanen Debarge is not the only son of his parents. Besides him, his father has 11 biological kids. The names of some of the siblings of Tanen Debarge are Kennedy DeBarge, Zach DeBarge, Jordan DeBarge, and Bobbie DeBarge.

Speaking of the profession of his parents, his father is a renowned singer and songwriter, while the profession of his mother is not known.


Right now, Tanen Debarge is 31 years old. So, he might have kids. However, this has not been confirmed by Tanen Debarge as well as his parents.

Education and profession

We tried to find out some significant information about the educational background of Tanen Debarge but we did not have luck and we didn’t find anything. The reason being, neither Tanen Debarge nor his parents have disclosed anything regarding this. The same goes for the profession of Tanen Debarge. What he does to make his living is not known to the public.

Reason for the popularity of Tanen Debarge

Of course, the main reason for the popularity of Tanen Debarge is his father, who has earned huge stardom in the music industry. Though his musician father does not talk much about his kids publicly, Tanen DeBarge got enough popularity to become a celebrity.

The net worth of Tanen Debarge

Since the profession of Tanen Debarge is not known, we can’t estimate his exact net worth. Being the son of a rich father, Tanen Debarge has enjoyed a great level of luxuriousness in his life. As of 2022, his father holds a huge net worth of around 400 thousand.


Tanen Debarge is the son of a celebrity father. Despithisthe fact, he has maintained his privacy very well and hasn’t disclosed anything about his personal as well as professional life. We must say Tanen Debarge is a private person.