Debbie Butala, Personal Details and Net Worth

Debbie Butala

Debbie Butala is the sister to famous actress and dancer Jennifer Mary Butala. Additionally, she is the daughter of Richard Butala and Sue Butala. Due to her sister’s popularity, Debbie Butala has become the center of attention. But who is Debbie?

Today we will inform you of details you didn’t know about Debbie. So, let’s begin.

Personal Details

Full Name: Debbie Butala

Date of Birth: Not known

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Not Known

Husband: Pastori

Residence: Sun City West, Arizona

Parents: Richard and Sue Grace Butala

Siblings: Jennifer Elfman, Mary Butala, and Rick Butala

Relatives: Tony Butala (uncle), Story Elias Elfman (nephew), and Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman (nephew)

The Early Life of Debbie Butala

Information regarding the early life of Debbie Butala is not known. We can inform you that she was born in Los Angeles, California. Additionally, her parents are Richard Butala and Grace Sue Butala. Debbie has two siblings, Rick Butala and Jennifer Mary Butala. Jennifer is famous among her siblings, thus, attracting the attention of Debbie and Rick.


Debbie Butala is a well-educated individual because her parent’s loved education. This can be proved because her sister Jenna went to St. Genevieve High School in San Fernando Valley, then Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. Jenna Elfman joined California State University, Northridge, when she completed high school.

What Did Debbie Butala Love While Growing Up?

When children grow up, they love doing certain things. As for Debbie, we don’t know what she liked doing, but we assume that playing was what she loved. On the other side, Jenna loved ballet and got a full scholarship to study at Westside School of ballet.

Is Debbie Butala Married?

Being an elder sister to Jennifer Elfman, we want to inform you that Debbie is married to a Pastori. This is information from her Instagram account @debpastori. Debbie also lives with her husband in Sun City West, Arizona.

Furthermore, Richard and Sue married 66 years ago, on 12th August 1956. This is seen from Debbie’s Instagram account, where she wrote, ‘Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary.’

The Net Worth of Debbie Butala

How much is Debbie Butala? We don’t have information about her net worth. All we can say is that she is worth millions of dollars from her social media accounts. The sister Jenna is worth $12 million. She has this wealth from her entertainment career.


Debbie Butala is from an entertainment family. Apart from her sister being in the acting scene, Debbie’s uncle Tony Butala is a singer and was the lead vocalist for the lettermen. Furthermore, Anthony Francis Butala was born on 20th November 1940 in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Moreover, he is the only surviving of the Butala family.

Other than Tony, Debbie has two nephews, Story Elias Elfman and Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman, who are her nephews. Story and Easton are the sons of Jenna Elfman and Bodhi Elfman.


Debbie Butala is a sister to Jenna Elfman. She is among the three children of Richard and Sue Butala. So, this is all the information we had for you today about Debbie Butala Pastori. Thank you for your time.