Everything on Former Porn Actress Tera Patrick’s Daughter: Sophia Evelia Acosta


People always question if pornographic actors have children; of course, they do, and one of those kids is Sophia Evelia Acosta. Her mother is Tera Patrick, a former pornographic actress, and her father is Tony Acosta, a special effects artist. Sophia, her mother’s only child, was born on February 25, 2012.


Sophia Evelia Acosta is currently in grade school and is probably studying in one of the best schools in the states, but her mother has not mentioned any school names. After finishing her studies, Sophia would want to pursue a career of her choice or maybe follow in her mother’s footsteps to become a model and an actress.

Her Mother

Sophia Evelia’s mother had a tough childhood; her mother was abusive towards her, and when her parents separated, she sighed in relief. She was left with her father, who raised her, but he was barely around. Tera joined a modelling and acting school, and while at it, she was sexually assaulted by her photographer. Her abuser was feeding with Valium and champagne; she later became an addict

A model agency signed Sophia’s mother, and whatever money she would get, she would squander it on her addictions. When her father heard of what was happening with his daughter, he complained, stating that her daughter was just a minor, and at sixteen, she was already sexually active.

Sophia’s Mother’s Career

Sophia’s mother modelled for various agencies before making her debut in the pornographic industry. She started as early as 2000, along with other porn actresses like Jenna Jameson. In the industry, Sophia’s mother has worked with Penthouse and Playhouse. For her great performances in the porn industry, Tera has won several accolades.

On television, Sophia’s mother also appeared in Tera Patrick’s Fashion Underground and the school of sex. Tera stopped acting porn, and currently, she is a business lady; she owns production companies and websites. One of Sophia’s mother’s companies is called Teravision INC, and through the profits, she makes from her business, she manages to meet her daily financial needs.

Her Mother’s Love Life

Tera Patrick met and started dating fellow porn actor Evan Seinfeld in 2011; three years later, they married in a private ceremony held in Las Vegas and attended with a few friends and family members. The couple remained married for five years until they separated in 2009.

After her divorce from Evan, Sophia’s mother started dating Tony Acosta, and in 2012 they had a daughter together. However, they did not stay together for long as she went on to date another guy. Tera even dated an Italian, and she had to move to Italy with her daughter, where they stayed for a while before moving back to the United States.

Social Media

Sophia Evelia Acosta has not come of age to be exposed to social media life. However, her mother is active on social media platforms; she has a private account, and you have to follow her to have a view of her personal life.