Signs You Need Tree Services: How to Identify Tree Care Needs

Signs You Need Tree Services: How to Identify Tree Care Needs

Nothing can be more beautiful than gorgeous and healthy trees growing in your yard! Apart from being aesthetic additions to your property, trees are also an important part of the ecosystem. While it might look like trees can take good care of themselves, Keyrenter, a property management in Fort Lauderdale says sometimes they might run into issues and you might need to call for emergency tree care services. A sick or dying tree can be a serious hazard to your property, your family’s well-being, your neighborhood, its surrounding trees, and the overall ecosystem.

Whether you need commercial or residential landscaping or emergency tree removal services, you can get in touch with ArborPro Tree Experts in Portland. They are known for providing top-quality tree care services for storm damage cleanup, routine tree maintenance, and specialized services. So how would you know when to call them? In this article, we will talk about certain signs that can indicate that you should call a tree service professional.

Signs To Call A Tree Expert For Consultation:

  • Touching power lines: If the leaves, twigs, or branches of your trees are growing and touching power lines, it can pose a serious threat of causing electricity-induced fires. In fact, the reason for some of Northern California’s devastating wildfires was found to be trees touching power lines. If you try to trim the overgrown limbs of the trees on your own from the power lines, you will put yourself, your property, and your neighbors at high risk of injury, fire, and even death. It is your duty to report such concerns and call a professional tree care service to have the threat eliminated.
  • Overgrown trees:Sometimes certain trees are planted in your yard without any regard for their mature size and the room that they require for growing to their fullest size. While this might not take effect immediately, within a certain year of growth, these trees can begin to pose a serious problem to your property. Sometimes trees with fast growth rates can quickly run out of space and prove to be a serious threat to your property foundations, plumbing structures, and electric power lines. You should quickly get in touch with a qualified arborist to evaluate and come up with the best course of action.
  • Dead trees:It seems almost unbelievable that a beautiful old tree can die! However, just like all living things, trees also have a certain lifespan. If you find that your tree is not blooming and looks rotted, decayed, or dry, it can be a clear sign of death. If you let your dead tree sit in your yard for months or years, it can be dangerous. For instance, it can get uprooted during storms and hurt your family members or damage your property.
  • Your tree looks sick or fundamentally weakened:Does your tree look flaky, cracked, and discolored? Does it look unwell or seem lackluster? Get in touch with a tree care service provider to diagnose what is causing any sickness or disease. The sooner they get diagnosed and treated, the more likely they can be saved. A qualified arborist can diagnose all the probable diseases that are affecting your tree and treat them or advise you to get them removed. Sometimes your tree might get hollowed or have split branches. These are signs of structural integrity and pose serious risks to your property. Always call for closer inspections because the longer you sit on it, the harder it will be to eventually correct.
  • Exposed root systems:Sometimes trees can lean to one side which can eventually uproot it from the other side, creating a fall hazard. If one or more trees in your property are showing signs of exposed roots due to leaning on one side, it is time to call a professional. You should never try to brace it on your own or wait for it to fall naturally as it can cause injury or even death.

Healthy trees can instantly elevate your property’s curb appeal. Well-maintained trees and plants can instantly increase your property value. With their welcoming quality and relaxing properties, trees can give you the ultimate space for unwinding at home or business. However, due to harsh weather elements and increasing infections in the current environment, our trees are becoming weak and getting infected. You might do what you can to keep your trees looking their best. But sometimes it takes the eye of an expert arborist to find something in your trees that needs attention. As taking care of your trees can be a stressful chore, you don’t have to do everything on your own. When you start noticing the above-mentioned signs, no matter how big or small, it is always best to call for an expert to take care of your trees.