Are Bed Bugs a Common Problem in Lansing, Michigan?

Are Bed Bugs a Common Problem in Lansing, Michigan?

Despite their tiny nature, bed bugs can be pretty smart, and their presence is most definitely troublesome in your home, to say the least. They can not only multiply rapidly but also have lots of ways to stay undetected and can stay for months on end before feeding. These tough, pesky unwelcome creatures cause adverse reactions on a person’s skin when they bite. Unfortunately, if you live or plan on relocating to Michigan, bed bugs are a nuisance you might have to deal with at some given time – if they’re not already pitching camp in your home.

According to the latest statistics by Orkin, a pest control company, of the top 50 US cities with the most severe bed bug menace, 4 Michigan cities, including Lansing, made the top 50 list. However, if you live within these cities, this is not to say that bed bugs can’t be effectively eliminated – even if they can be hard to remove. Working with the right Pest Control Services in Lansing Michigan exterminator can make this a seamless process, allowing you to sleep more peacefully once again.

Before embarking on eliminating bed bugs, it’s a wise idea to be sure that they are present in your home in the first place. This is because there are a lot of other bugs that may look like bed bugs and even have similar reactions on the skin. This article will discuss how you can identify their presence (so you can know you’re not using your effort and time trying to eradicate the wrong bug), how to contain them, how much you can expect to pay a professional bed bug exterminator for comprehensive extermination, and some prevention tips. Read on!

Common Early Signs of Bed Bug Infestation in Your Home

It can be difficult to ascertain that you have a bed bug infestation in your home. However, since bed bugs feed exclusively on blood, there are some common signs to watch out for that differentiate a bed bug infestation from that of other bugs like fleas. Some of these signs include;

  • Blood stains on your bed sheets
  • Fecal marks which manifest as dark brown spots
  • Shell casings that look like the bed bugs themselves
  • Pungent odors on your bed
  • Bed bug bites and welts on your skin in the morning
  • Bed bugs on your bed

DIY Strategies to Contain Bed Bugs

Can you exterminate bed bugs on your own? The simple answer is yes. However, it will likely be challenging and requires both effort and patience. It starts with identifying all the infested areas within your home. To contain and kill them, you can use the steps below;

  • Thoroughly vacuum all the affected areas
  • Exterminate them using extreme temperatures (heat or cold)
  • Install bed bug-proof covers around your mattresses
  • Use insecticides, bug bombs, or a desiccant
  • Keep a close eye on the affected areas to know if your methods worked

How Much Will I Pay for Bed Bug Exterminator Services?

The process of eradicating bed bugs from your home can be expensive, and the cost varies significantly based on factors such as where you live, the severity of the infestation, and the method of extermination. However, customers can expect to shell out between $300 and $5,000 for a complete bed bug extermination, with the average cost hovering between $1,000 to $2,500. It’s important to note that bed bugs are notorious for being difficult to exterminate as they can survive without food for more than a year, which makes eliminating them more complex and lengthy than other pests like fleas.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Even the thought of bed bugs is enough to make anyone cringe. They’ve not only existed for centuries, but their numbers continue to grow. The best way not to have them around your home in the first place is to prevent them. But how? Below are some valuable tips:

  • Have a regular vacuuming schedule
  • Ensure your power outlets are always sealed
  • Keep the underside of your bed always empty
  • Keep yourself and your family abreast of early bed bug signs
  • Regularly monitor your pets and their sleeping area for bed bugs
  • Always keep your home organized and decluttered
  • Have a furniture inspection schedule and avoid taking furniture from dumpsters

Although bed bugs are not known to be disease carriers or pose any significant direct health problem, they can significantly impact the quality of life of those living in infested homes. Your best bet at totally getting rid of them, especially if you have a severe infestation, is knowing how to identify the most effective and reliable pest control professional service provider. Ensure to take your time to evaluate a potential bed bug exterminator before committing to working with them. Assess their key areas such as qualifications, experience, reputation, and value.